Taking the pacifier away from my 2-year-old

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My son was the king of sleepless nights until he was two-and-a-half years old.

For the longest time we could not figure out what was keeping him awake and then it took 2-days and BAM sleep! The funny thing, well funny now, is what we had to do to get him to sleep. Ya it was easy, wish we would have thought of it a lot sooner!  It was taking the pacifier away…seriously. We thought the opposite for a long time. We thought if we took it away he would scream for it all night. it was the opposite. He would wake up multiple times at night looking for it. Of course for months we would get up and give it to him…bad idea! Then he cried til we did.

I decided that it was time to let it go and I would lose sleep a little longer to do it.

I took it away. I actually threw them all away in the outside trash the morning of trash pick up day. This way I could not cheat int he middle of the night and give into him.

The first night, he got up a few times. The second night only twice. The third night….ZERO and he has slept since.

My daughter was a thumb sucker so we did not go through this with her. In fact she slept 12 hours a night from day one. I got her off her thumb in 9 days. Here is my post about it.

Now 6 months later, he still sleeps. Gotta lover learning the hard way!

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  1. Terry says:

    Good for you Tawna!! My Mother swore if I gave my Daughter the pacifier she would rip it out of her mouth. Maybe the old folks knew something we don’t.

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