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Anyone that knows me knows that I take supplements every day. It would be wrong of me to say, or for most to say, that they get 100% of their nutrition in their daily food. It is hard to do, especially in a fast pace, impatient world. It can be done, but how many people do you know that actually do it? I will share those supplements with you but first I want to share these awesome pill holders I found on Amazon. Since I take more then most people I was not able to find anyone local that had a container big enough for all my vitamins. The picture to the right shows the pill boxes I use…they are sweet and have so many conveniences! IMAG0764The “B” and the “T” on the boxes are written on there by me. Both me and the hubs use them so I needed to have them labeled.

Not only do they fit all my pills, with room to spare,

but they are also made for easy travel. The containers come out individually so I can put 1 or mjore in my purse and take it with me. That is so mucgh easier then taking a whole long 7-day container with me. Also, if I forget about them and leave them in the hot car, then I am only ruining a few pills form the heat and not my whole weeks worth!

They are easy to fill as well. The tops come totally off so you don’t hit the lid with with your hand and knock the containers over and spill out pills everywhere. That I have done a ton of times. I have even dot it with these containers when I only open the lid and not take it totally off.IMAG0759

So if you are in the market for a convenient pill holder I would highly recommend these. They come in 2 and 4 pill compartments and I have added a picture and link to Amazon at the bottom of this post to make it easy for you to find.

I have been using these containers for 7 months and the lids still snap on great, come on and off easily, and seem to be holding up well. I have dropped a few of these containers on the floor too and so far no cracks. We have tile and wood floor so that is a good sign. So far so good. Even if something breaks on these holders I would buy them again and again because for the price I have definitely already got my money’s with out of them.

The post got to be longer then I inteded so I will write a new post with links to all the supplements I take in the picture. You can find that post here!

Have a great day! Links below!

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