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Well if you tell one of your children that they have to clean their room and the second child never has to, would that be fair? Then you never give credit to the child that cleans the room. That makes child one mad and child two entitled. No difference then the non-consistent immigration.

I was in College and made $3.35 an hour and I paid for my citizenship and never expected anyone to do it for me. I got up at 6:30 in morning and stood in the INS line to be seen between 8:00-10:00 am…3-times. Mind you the line was outside the building, not inside and the security worker was mean, very mean. She was downright rude to me and this German lady that happened to be in line with me twice.

I filled out the forms twice (they lost my first round).

I studied the test.

I passed the test.

I got sworn in.

I am a citizen.

I don’t side with the Right or the Left I am independent. I speak up for what I know and believe. I have been HERE! I am an immigrant. I am a LEGAL immigrant. Unless you have been here, you shouldn’t have a voice. There are thousands of legal immigrants, just like me, that believe in boarder laws because we get it. I have met many just like me.

Trump may be an ass hat but this believe goes way before Trump for me. I have believed this from the beginning. Since the late 1980’s when I started the legal process when I became the age when my Green Card was to expire. I remember very vividly

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