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telling my friends and colleagues that I needed to go through the legal immigration process if I wanted to receive all the benefits the US would offer me with citizenship. I knew this in my early 20’s. Never once did I think I could do this without doing any work. I was not taught that way.

I don’t say much political stuff on this blog but this point offends me to a very great deal.

Again, I don’t love Trump at all. This is not a pro Trump post this is Pro Legal Immigrant post. Regardless of who is President this should be the LAW, oh wait it is the LAW. I will give Trump one pro here. He did say he would only deport ILLEGAL immigrants. That was said time-and-time again on his web site and in the debates. So for those that I see spreading that opposite on social media, check the facts (and not on your biased pages). I watched every debate on both sides, every min. I went to each candidate’s web site. Both Hillary and Trump are not good for America. But I did hear and see time-and-time again that he said “ILLEGAL” not “LEGAL” immigrants. So that is that gripe.

Quit offending those of us that did it right. We knew what we had to do and did it. I saved for 6-months to pay for it. I was in College and btw, was, and still am paying for College myself. If you know something is right you do it the right way.

There is the one and only political post you will read on here. I have been festering this for a while, deep in my gut, and this blog let me vent it out.

I am a LEGAL immigrant that supports the immigration laws. Don’t agree with me? That is fine. But unless you weren’t born in the US and had to go through the process you don’t understand what it takes. It is really not that hard, it just takes a lot of patience.

Oh and when you get your paperwork they give you the questions and the answers for the test, so the rumor(s) it is hard, it isn’t that hard. It was very easy actually. All you have to do is memorize.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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