The woman always knows…so why don’t men listen?

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We were in WV for the Thanksgiving weekend and we were having a nice family day site seeing wonderful places.

We were driving on lot’s of windy back roads, as the Midwest is full of them. There was one problem though…I kept having to tell my hubby to watch the d@%n road!

Like most men I have driven with, he likes to look out the darn window instead of looking forward. This is even a bigger problem as my daughter and I are car sick 90% of the time we are in the car, and his looking everywhere but the front road, makes it worse.Now I had been nagging him ALL day. Well for about 3-4 hours…”please honey watch the road,” or “what is so intriguing over here, watch front!”

It was near the end of the trip, and about an hour from dark, and Mr. Wanderer (my hubby) swerves to the right and hits a big pot hole!

ME: “really?!!!”

Hubby: “I hope that did not flatten the tire!

Two minutes later…

Hubby: “Yup, the tire is flat.”

Of course I am not going to stay silent, oh heck no.

Me: “I guess I should have drove like I asked all day then because I would have not hit the stupid pothole to flatten the tire.”

Hubby: ” I don’t want to hear it.”

Me: “Oh you are going to hear it…I have been on you all day because this place is FULL of potholes and I knew it was going to happen.

We could not get a new tire til the next morning. My tires cots $120 as they are high performance tires. You don’t typically find them stocked either, they have to be ordered. Thanks goodness Sears in Charleston had one.

I offered to drive ALL day and nagged him ALL day. Why is it men are so stinking stubborn and when we are right about something they still won’t admit they are the problem.

The other thing that just makes this even better. We had an extra tire, brand new, in our garage at home, 300 miles away. Really! It would not fit in the car with our luggage so I left it at home. Now we paid $150 to a new tire (after adding more money to put the tire on) and we still have an extra tire.

I hope my hubby knows that the tire is his Christmas present!!!

Hope you all have a great day!


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2 Responses to The woman always knows…so why don’t men listen?

  1. Delishhh says:

    LOL – too funny. Unfortunatly i have learned to be quiet on some things, It’s not worth the argument

    • Tawna says:

      I hear ya, I do try and pick my battles. I could just feel it happening all day. It was just one of those things!

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