These 10 essentials were shipped to my front door for $20.05!

I hope you will share!

All this shipped for $20.05!

I am sharing again because this rocks!!!!!! I got all this from, shipped to my door, for $20.05!

4-toothbrushes, 3 tubes of toothpaste, coffee, and 2 air fresheners!

I have to drive 15 minutes to buy the arm and hammer sensitive toothpaste so I love that I get it shipped, for free and I don’t have to spend any money on gas, or energy taking the kids! Plus I did not have to go out in the rain today…the FedEx guy did!

The coffee is another huge one for me. This cinnamon swirl Folger’s coffee now sells for $5-6 dollars at my local grocery. They change the price about every time I go go buy it. It was $4.69 shipped from Alice.

Again, this is the best place, ever for getting the essentials in my opinion! And you get it within about 2 days. I have yet to get one later then 2 days out!

Plus if you visit Alice from my blog, and sign up for y our free account, they will give you $10 off when you purchase your first $50 from them. LOVE LOVE LOVE this website!

Have a wonderful day!

That is my latest Review and I will have more and I will continue to buy more!


I can help you to ur health goals too!


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I LUV Sharing!

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