This week’s turbo experiment…

I hope you will share!

OK so I pulled out the turbo jam DVD today and did the 42 minute cardio party. I was seating like a pig after but it was fun. It did get a little hard for the last 15 min but I kept going. The only downfall this morning is the 3 breaks I had to take to run upstairs and put a pacifier in my son’s mouth but each break only lasted 3-4 minutes and I just came back down and started where I left off.
All these videos you see advertised including turbo jam say that they will help you burn fat and tone muscle the quickest so I am going to see what kind of results I get from doing a turbo jam every day this week (except Christmas day). There are shorter videos and one you use 3 pound weights with. I will still walk the dog daily at night but do the video in the morning and measure myself next Wed. and see if my inches loss is faster than with what I have been doing on my own. Maybe next week I will try the video with arm and leg weights and see how those inches measure up (or down).

I will try and keep track and list exactly which video I did on what day. The turbo jam DVD set comes with 5 or 6 work-outs and are all different lengths. It did make me feel good afterwards so that is definitely a plus!

I looked and found a bunch of beach bodies DVD’s on amazon and other sites for about half the price.  The cheaper ones are used but 99% of the time when I buy a used video they work fine because people usually only use them a few times before they give up on them.

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