Thumb sucking chain worked like a charm…

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So we went to build a b ear today and my daughter got to build her first bear (hello kitty) and named it “Snowball Kitty.” If you don’t know what I am talking about look at my February 10, 2010 post “My strategic move to get my daughter to stop thumb sucking…”

It has been 9 days without any thumb sucking at all for my nearly 4 year old. She had no more incentive tonight and told me “Mom I don’t need to suck my thumb anymore.” Sweet! This has been a good day all around. I would definitely tell you that it WORKED and I am so happy. Just think of all the money I will save on the orthodontist now.

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One Response to Thumb sucking chain worked like a charm…

  1. tawna6988 says:

    It has been 6 days since my post about it being 9 days without her sucking her thumb. Well… still no thumb sucking, yay! 15 days on the wagon and she still has no desire to start again. I have not had to make another chain with another reward either. I was wondering if it would take more then 1 reward, but so far so good!

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