Tired of overseas customer service

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So Obama promised to bring jobs back to America. so why in the last 4-years has more of the companies I deal with, using calling centers out of the US. There were a handful of companies that still had US based customer service agents and I loved calling them because I could understand them. I have TWO left. I am not talking about my monthly utilities but rather credit cards and other accounts like that, that are now out sourced outside the US.

So where is the promise of bringing jobs back to the US? Two weeks ago I got so frustrated with two different companies I called I just hung up. Not only could I not understand more then 1-2 words, but they were just reading of a script because they couldn’t understand me either, and we go nowhere.

Now I have a cell phone only, as having a land line does not seem financially smart when I get so many minutes on my cell phone. Calling these companies costs me land line minutes. My cell phone gives me free unlimited cell phone to cell phone calls. Two weeks ago when I hung up on those companies I went almost half my land line minutes…I get 400  minutes. The reason is that the hold times were ridiculous and then being on the hone, being transferred around, took more then a few days to get through…BAM minutes almost gone.

I live int he US. I pay taxes. I want my jobs local. I want to talk to English speaking customer service representatives that understand what I say too. Is that really so much to ask? If I lived out of the US, I would not want US companies answering my calls so why do we accept this as US citizens.

I remember promise after promise from the big “O” about bringing jobs back to the US…uh it’s been 4-years…still not here!

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5 Responses to Tired of overseas customer service

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes it is very frustrating to see so many jobs overseas still. We really need them in the US.

  2. Tiffany Dover says:

    Great post. I also have never believed him. He’s helping other countries more than us! It was a big scam in the first place to get him into office, and if he gets voted back in, then the US citizens are ignorant.

  3. momma of 2 says:

    I didn’t know this was a political bash the president blog. Unlike.

  4. momma of 2 says:

    Why is this Obama’s fault, when company call centers have been outsourced for years? Is he supposed to have some magical powers so he can tell all these companies what to do? Let’s be fair. The last president couldn’t perform magic, and neither will the next one. People need to take a more proactive stance instead of sitting around complaining.

  5. Terry says:

    I didn’t believe him then and I certainly don’t believe him now.

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