Today is the day…if u want it on this tax return!

I hope you will share!

So I have a lot of people say to me…”I want to do the Beachbody Preferred customer or coaching but I don’t have the $40 start-up fee.” I get it as I said that for awhile. However today is the last day to sign up for you to claim it on THIS year’s taxes and get it back by April or sooner if you do your taxes sooner. I do mine the first week of Feb every year and have them in my bank by mid Feb.

Why would you coach? Many reasons I will explain below. another question may be “am I fit enough to coach? Well…honestly the most successful coaches are NOT fit when they start…look at me! I started coaching after some weight loss but have lost a lot after and have gained customers because I share my story.

Why I coach:

1. I needed accountability bad…I need support, Team beachbody is the best support i have ever had…hence my now 70 pound weight loss.

2. I needed some extra money. I was a SAHM and now a WAHM that owns my own business. NOW I get a pay check EVERY week and I love being able to go to the grocery without worries as I get a paycheck every Thursday. Why do I get one every week…because I work on it! It is not a get rich quick scheme, it is an honest living and I get paid to get healthy.

3. I am meeting like people…meaning others with the same goals as myself. They say you should surround yourself with people you want to be like and it works. My Upline coach Laura rocks! It is because of her I have made it to all my small goals and almost my biggest goal.

4. I get help with meal plans and can chat with the trainers. One day I am going to chat with Shaun T and say…”even though I curse your name during INSANITY, because it is rough, I love it because it WORKS!”

Anyway, now is the time and if you change your mind within 30 days you get refunded. If you like it or just want to get the awesome discounts for signing up then sign up today and get it back on your 2011 taxes…otherwise you have to wait til next year!

Message me anytime with questions! I love to talk…as you know so I will talk to you!

If you want to check out my coach page and browse around please feel free to visit it here!

Maybe this is not for you but you know someone it may be for…then please share it with them. Let them decide if it is for them:)

Peace love and happy health!!!!



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I LUV Sharing!

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