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So I pulled out my total gym yesterday. It has been years since I have used this. Mainly because every time I have thought of it I have been pregnant. I do really like this machine but have not used it steadily since the summer of 2003. I remembering toning up and dropping 2 sizes that summer (I was only a size 9/10 when I started it). So now I am curious how fast I will tone and lose weight on it now.

This machine is rather expensive, if you buy it new, but I remember making payments on it for a couple years so it was more affordable. I like this idea better then a gym contract because after a couple years I don’t have to pay anymore and I still have the machine.

I had to break down and measure myself because I need to know where I am at in order to accurately monitor my results. Sadly enough I had not lost any measurements since my last measuring BUT… I have noticed more changes, so I know I must be gaining more muscle.

My portions at breakfast, lunch and dinner are smaller and I am feeling very satisfied. I have gone from eating 2 eggs and 2 whole grain pieces of toast to only 1 of each and I do not feel hungry after. I have also noticed that my portions are getting smaller and when I load up the plate too full I am not forcing myself to finish it. So even though my inches have not gone anywhere I know I must be making positive changes because of this. I also have a lot more energy and am less tired during the day.

I have also noticed in my upper arm where the very “faint” line was before actually has even more definition. It kind of dips now so I can see my deltoid muscle line more and this makes me happy!

Now let’s see what this total gym does, I will give it two weeks.

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