Tough love.

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I’m getting ready for work and put in a load of clothes in and see her back sitting over here and I decided to go look at it. Of course! There are three pairs of dirty socks, two uniform shirts and two dirty tights in there that have nasty nasty black feet and smell like butt.

So here is what she’s going to see when she decides to get dressed for dance tonight. Insert bag pic here. 

This may seem mean and horrible but if my almost 11 year old daughter wants to treat her mother like a maid, then she’s going to pay me like a maid because I’m about ready to go on strike in this house for people that think and I’m here to pick up after them. Even when I was a stay at home or work at home mom I did not put up with that mentality but now I work a full 40+ hour week I am not going to spend my time picking up after people and not teaching them respect.

So what I’m going to do with this dollar and many dollars to come is keep it in a jar in my room and count it up at the end of the year and see how much money I have because by the end of the year I’ll probably be able to go buy myself something nice that I never do because I’m always buying my kids stuff.

I love my family and I love my kids and I wouldn’t want to ever imagine my life without them. However, I am going to teach them respect respect for themselves and respect for others and that starts at home. Besides who couldn’t use a buck…lol!

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2 Responses to Tough love.

  1. Christina says:

    My daughter does the same! Especially with her swimbag! Now off to order more tights from you!!

    • admin says:

      Tights! Always tights! They are so lazy with them and rip them, drives me nuts!

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