Transfering RSS from blogger to word press

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Transferring my RSS Feeds was one of my biggest worries…ever. I spend DAYS researching it because I did not want to screw it up.

Well after blog hopping and forum hopping I decided that it was time for me to just bite the bullet and do it.

What I learned from others really did not help me at all. YouTube and other blogs wold be really outdated and I would get really frustrated.

This is what I did.I went into my feed-burner after I merged the blogs. See, since I had changed my domain to get rid of the blogspot, blogger did automatically do this for my RSS feeds too, yay!

I went into my feed-burner account and underneath you will see this

Burn a feed right this instant. Type your blog or feed address here:

There is a box to the right where you type in your URL. I typed in my and it gave me 2 options.

Sorry it looks messy but this is copied right from feed-burner. I chose the first one and copied it.

Then I went into my word press dash board and there is a lively widget that says, RSS. Drag it to your side bar and copy and paste the feed into it and save. BAM done!

Remember in one of my earlier posts I said you need to have your new domain for about 3 months before you transfer? Well this is because of your feed. Since you are transferring the SAME domain from blogger you do not lose our feeds. Cool eh?

This made me happy.

Now since it took me a long time to do this on my own my page impressions did go down. I went from over 5000 a month to under 1000 but I played with my blog more then I posted for about 6 weeks. See, when you don’t post, no new content is there to catch readers eyes and you lose some of them.

Now that I am back on the saddle my page impressions have jumped back up again. Not back up to what they were after 2 years of blogging but they are continually increasing now.

That is why I am writing this tutorial and sharing all my tips I learned when I changed from blogger. I hope someone else does this their self and does it faster then I did so they don’t drop there visits as much as I did!

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