Trying to visualize $ in the mail instead of bills

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One of the things the movie said to do was to try and visualize and NOT expect bills and debt in the mail but rather expect a check. I did try and am trying this one and far…not so good.

I know in my sub conscious I am still rather skeptical of this whole thing but I am doing my baby steps to get there. For me to totally know if this is going to work I know I have to be “all in.”

I even posted on my face book page that I was expecting a check on Friday instead of bills and I tried really hard to visualize this all day but found myself going back and forth in my head about it. I got a collections notice in the mail that day. Did this frustrate me? Yes! Am I going to give up? NO!

I know I have to make a habit of having happy and non stressful thoughts and I am going to continue to visualize checks in the mail.

This is something that I am sure will take longer then overnight to change.

One thing I have noticed though, right off the bat, is that my happy thinking about what I am grateful for has seriously helped from the get go. I have already found myself appreciating things around me more. Especially those cute corky things my husband and kids do, rather than focusing on what is “pissing me off.” This is definitely a start in heading in the right direction.

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