Twitter, Klout, Alexa ect…worth it?

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There are so many ways to raise your social media following, or so it seems. I have been wondering for awhile if all these platforms are really worth it and to tell you the truth, not finding it so.

I have don’e a post in the past about Blogging groups and you can see how they help or not help here. Now I am wondering if having account with Twitter and Klout are even worth my time. One of my favorite blogs to read is and she posted about her Klout account and I want to share with you here. It seems that Klout is a lot of work for little gain. I have a Klout account but fail to see the hype. I have “x” amount of time on my hands and do I really want to work that hard for the little rewards?

My post is mostly about Twitter. At first I was very anxious to get my twitter following large and in charge! I have been part of giveaways that have had my twitter URL as an entry. I have sent out invites to friends on and off twitter. After a couple of years I have nearly 5,000 followers. So now what?

I have now gotten to the point that I don’t even check my Twitter account anymore…why? All the darn hackers. It seems that 99.9% of the time, all twitter is is stupid personal messages about how some user is “making nasty things about me,” or “replant this tweet,” or “I found this picture of you and it made me laugh.” Has anyone really clicked on theses links? I guess Yes if I keep getting these same messages, every day! It has made me so mad that I don’t even read the e-mail notification anymore, I don’t log into my account, and I don’t read anyone’s tweets or messages anymore.

You know what makes me even more frustrated with those spam messages? The fact the English is so bad that they think people will think they are real. “making nasty things,” really?  This is only one example, there are many.

I do have my blog posts auto go to twitter but that’s just because I have not decided whether or not to get rid of my account yet.

I guess what I am wanting to know. Does anyone out there really visit blog posts, enter giveaways, or find friends because of their tweets on twitter? As my twitter followers went up, I did not see my page impressions change for my blog posts?

So much to think about, or waste time thinking about. I guess if people want to read what I have to say they will e-mail subscribe, or visit me daily. is everyone else so frustrated with so many social media accounts that they don’t use them either?


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3 Responses to Twitter, Klout, Alexa ect…worth it?

  1. honestly I don’t know what to think about twitter. I don’t care for the format the post it note sort of information and bumper sticker logic is more an irration then anything eles. but what the heck, if people want me to twit I twit. I have responed to a couple of twits but for the most part I read my emails and blogs and thats more then enough.

  2. Terry says:

    Thanks so much for the link Tawna!

  3. Terry says:

    All the social media sites I have joined have not done squat for me. I don’t think they do much for other either because yesterday a blogging buddy emailed me and needed me to post comments on her reviews. She had a sponsor that was asking how many comments she gets. She gave him a number and then hot footed emails to all her friends asking for comments. So….. I want comments more than I want to join some stupid social media site.

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