Water costs more then a Soda?!!

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I was a the World-a-Fair a while back and I was thirsty. I have been trying not to drink soda much or at all so I decided I would go get a bottle of water. So I walked on over to the drink counter and all they had were bottles of drinks, which is fine, and I looked at the price…Water was actually .50 cents more then a soda…seriously. I looked at the guy and I said “just curious if that is a typo, is your water really more money then the soda…”

“Yes mam it is.” I just kind of starred at him and said “does that not seem to be a little backwards? Your water is like $3.00 and your soda is $2.50” I don’t remember the exact price, I just remember that it was .50 cents difference but I think the above prices are correct. I then bought the water because I was not going to drink the soda for a whole .50 cent savings, but I was not happy about it. Next year I am packing a bottle in my purse before I go in.

To add, do we really need to wonder why Americans are so unhealthy. Crap food and drinks are cheaper then the healthier stuff…really people, get a clue and make healthy food more affordable then crap food so we can quit putting  our loved ones to rest in damn piano boxes! It’s all about choice and freedom to choose but when companies make the decision easier with the price tag it does not feel like such a choice anymore! It may only be water to some, but there is a deeper underlying factor in my opinion.

Today’s lesson…pack water with you everywhere! I bought some refillable cups and taking my own. I freeze it first and then it’s cold most of the day as I keep refilling it.

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3 Responses to Water costs more then a Soda?!!

  1. chelesa sims says:

    I think it is crazy . The media , Government are screaming get healthy but yet healthy items are expensive. Shouldn’t unhealthy items cost more ? Is it just me or does this seem a little backwards

  2. kitblu says:

    I have been carrying water with me for more than 30 years. Even when water was available free at fountains I was concerned about people putting their mouths on the faucet. I become frantic if I am out so long that I finish my water. I have a reverse osmosis filter; other water doesn’t taste right but I still need it. The expense of bottled water and the uncertainty of its provenance does not inspire confidence.

  3. Terry says:

    I always, always take my own water. I don’t drink just any bottled water so it is easier to bring it with me. I also have been using the alkalmate to alkalize my water.

    Crazy at the cost of water now days. I can remember saying many years ago that I would never by water. Just goes to show I should never say never.

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