Week 1 of 5-10 min. workouts

I hope you will share!

My daily steps are calculated with my FitBit. Lots of times I simply walk in place in front of the TV to get a few thousand steps. Easy and I don’t have to go outside and dodge clowns or freeze my butt off so it works.

Day 1

Workout: 10-min. booty shaking with towel

Daily steps: 18,442

Day 2

Workout:10-min booty shaking waist workout

Daily steps: 14,534

Day 3

Workout: Rested, my abs and thighs were killing me from the first 2-days. Notice my lower steps too, I was sore! Apparently 5-10 min. workouts wohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08Bi8hMdwa4&feature=youtu.berk!

Daily steps: 10,208

Day 4

Workout: Standing abs exercises

Daily steps:  18,363

Day 5

Workout: 10 min. Cardio dance abs workout

Daily steps:17.448

Day 6

Workout: Rested by abs and thighs still hurt!

Daily steps: 20,571

Day 7

Workout: 5-min. Flat belly ab workout

Daily steps: 17,659

My waist is still at 43 but it has only been a handful of workouts and I don’t expect to see the inches start dropping off quite yet. But with all the steps and the short workouts it will happen. I will update next week!



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I LUV Sharing!

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