Went to the doctor today and the ignorant receptionist…

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So I went to the doctor today and was a new patient so I had to fill out that mountain of paper work before my appointment. My referring physician had made the appointment and sent my initial information to them in the first place. When the receptionist checked me and was verifying information she was reading it all out loud and when she got to social security number I though, she will write it down, and she read it out loud! I was just standing there staring at her and thought, are you freaking kidding me!

Now with all the policies and procedures with privacy acts etc. you would think that this woman would have realized that would be a bad move. There were 10 people in the waiting room and believe me she was loud enough for the whole room to hear. I did not say anything right then and there, but I am going to make an anonymous phone call or letter this week as that was very uncalled for.

I would even be more forgiving if this was some young naive girl that has not been around the work force long but this woman was definitely it least 3-5 years older than me so she should not be so careless.

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