Why R Men Such Babies?!!

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It’s Kindergarten time and we and when I say “we” I say that loosely as I rather mean “I” as Mom! Mom has had to deal with; lice, cold, flu, fevers, pink eye, growing pains, nightmares, teething, etc.

My husband works during the day so, I get it, I will take care of the kids if they get up. It just so happens that all these Kindergarten sicknesses that pass through our house seem to always affect me on the exact day he goes out of town every week. So after I stay up for days with the kids, I get sick, and he is gone.

Well…he got sick the other week and I HATE it when the man in the house is sick!How many of you have a man in the house that get’s sick? What does he do? Mind you, when I am sick I still have to cook clean, laundry, cater to kids, get up in the middle of the night, pay bills, shop etc. When he get’s sick…nothing!

He got two freaking naps in 2 days. His naps went from Noon til 5:00pm. He got his meals served and everything else catered to him. It just pisses me off! And  the worst part…he is not even grateful. It is like he thinks he “deserves” it.

I get no thank-you or anything. He sits in his little chair/couch and when I walk in the room, the moaning and groaning starts. Mind you, our house is small and I can hear him in any room. He does not moan and groan til I can see him. Really!

So why is it that men need to be catered too and when I am sick, he does not think twice about me not being catered too. There was a handful of times this summer, I was real sick, and he still went out flying his planes or shopping with his Dad. He may have taken our older child, but I got left with the baby. You know…the one that takes that much more attention.

Here is what I wish for my next life…a Man that actually gives a damn! I know he loves me but I want a husband not a child. Can I please have a day off too without having to fight for it? When is my 5-hour nap?!!

Have a wonderful sick free weekend!


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