Will I ever get to pee by myself again?!!!

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Growing up I always wondered why my Mother would constantly shower and pee with the bathroom door open. I was always “Mom, shut the door geez!”

Now that I am a Mom I have actually had to call my Mother and tell her I am sorry and that I now understand why she did it…out of habit. Not a habit that she did not care about privacy but out of habit…well…because she had a family.

I have now become my Mother…here is why.It is funny how when the kids are little they cannot stand to have me move to another room, or do something that does not involve them and yes this also includes the bathroom. It can be dead silent in the house and the kids could even be indulging in their toys, books, or whatever. I can decide to go to the bathroom and within 2-3 seconds of sitting down BAM…they are both in there, including the cat and the dog! It does not stop there either. The hubby even feels the need to ask me questions etc. well I am in their too…even if I have the door closed on those off moments. Really? So now it is the hubby, 2 kids, cat and dog…seriously! Is there any Mom out there that actually get’s to use the bathroom in peace? I would like to know how you do it if you can.

I would not give up my family for anything…can I just pee in private?


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3 Responses to Will I ever get to pee by myself again?!!!

  1. Judy Gregory says:

    Kids are grown now, but I have 8 pomeranians. Little Bear is the 2nd smallest but, by attitude, is the female alpha. She HAS to sit in my lap when I am on the toilet. If I don’t pick her up she will look right at me and squat. If I shut the door, she waits in the hall until I come out and squats. Today, she was outside. Her daughter Precious followed me into the bathroom. Wanna guess? Yep, like mother like daughter. Didn’t pick her up so had to wipe up. Wonder how the dog whisperer would handle this? PS They all fight over who gets to lick my legs after a shower. I have bad puppies.

  2. Elise Hightower says:

    Peeing by yourself? You mean people get to pee by themselves? Well, I learn something new every day! lol

  3. Terry says:

    LOL.. I remember those days well. The thing is, when I had Grandkids and they would come to visit, the same thing would happen.

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