Working out 16 days after InterStim stage 2 surgery

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Interstim Therapy for Urinary Control : Educational Video for Patients (Dvd)

It has been 16 days since my stage 2 surgery of InterStim and I just did 90 seconds of plank position and jogged in place in front of the TV for 18 minutes and I DID NOT PEE, or even had the urge too and it did not hurt. 

This is so cool.  My incision is still sore to the touch.  When I bump into things that is pretty much the end of me feeling good for a couple hour otherwise, we are good!

My only complaint now is the soreness of the incision but that is normal after any surgery so I will take that.  For the rest of the results after surgery, so far LOVING IT!

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  1. That is so cool. I am having surgery on jan 6th and i hope i am able to get back at it that fast. Congrats i hope you continue to progress well. have a great day

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