WTFlushot! Take your shot and stick it!

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UntitledSo how many of my reader’s have had the flu shot this season? They always say, every year…”the flu is going to be the worst ever, so make sure you and your family gets the flu shot.”

I have been an avid, no shot kind of girl for years. Every time I get the shot, the shot makes me sick for longer then the flu would. Last one about 5-years ago, I was down for 8-days.

Well this flu shot was not up to par for my kids…

Have you heard of this nasty flu that is going around? Well my house is FULL of it. My kids have been down, and OH they had their flu shot. My husband is down, no shot for him, but guess what…his is not nearly as bad as the kids, meaning no puking and no, out the other end.

ME…no flu shot in 5-years, healthy as a horse. Tired from taking care of 3-other people, cats and a dog but no flu. I have had kids breathing in my face, kissing my lips, coughing on me etc, no flu.

So the 2-kids that get the sickest had the flu shot…ya I am not buying it. In fact I have not had the flu in 5-years…seriously and I have had NO flu shot.

Yet another reason not to buy into the government hub bub.

WTFriday?!!!!!! They can take their shot and put it where the sun don’t shine. After 5-years, I am not going to change my attitude about it.

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3 Responses to WTFlushot! Take your shot and stick it!

  1. Dawn Justice says:

    🙂 Each year they choose 3 flu strains to put in the vaccine, and there are around 200 flu strains! So technically the vaccine is only “protecting” you from those 3 strains….Anyway I have NEVER had a flue shot, neither has my boyfriend or my son. My boyfriend’s parents kept trying to push the flu shot on us this year, because the media kept pushing that it was going to be sooooo bad this year. Well I’ll take my chances thank you very much. We all had the flu last year. My son got it on a Tuesday, I had it before we got home from the doctor and my boyfriend had it two days later. We were all sick for about 3 days each, yes I felt like death warmed over BUT like I said we’ll take our chances with the flu. I’m so glad to see that there are other people out there who feel the same as we do. I actually gave my 7 year old the choice this year on his own flu shot. He said no 🙂 he didn’t want them putting those chemicals and who knows what else in his body. Makes me proud to know he’s smarter than most adults lol.

  2. Lisa says:

    I don’t get them either… My husband has gotten them a few times in the last few years and the times he got it, he missed at least a week of work and felt crappy for weeks afterward! We don’t get it for our son either and he is one of the kids in his class that doesn’t lose a week’s worth of school. I do not believe anything the CDC or the FDA puts out there.

  3. Nikki says:

    I’m with you on this one – I refuse the get the flu shot. I have had the flu once in the past few years & it wasn’t too bad. I did hear, though, that the major flu that was going around was not the flu the shot was intended to prevent. WTF indeed!

    Everyone is so eager to take a pill or get a shot these days – I’ll take a pass!

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