WTFriday 10-11-12

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OK so I know this is funny how I notice those silly things from movies but, I do, that’s me, I am weird I know. If the movie companies take a couple different shots in the same scene and something is different, I notice about 95% of the time.

So today’s WTFriday is about a movie…again.

I LOVE Christmas movies.. I could watch them all year long. Seriously I have done it before.

Frosty is a favorite and there is something that just drives me nuts. Well not nuts, but I comment on it every time.

Just so happens I even googled and found the picture to portray what I am thinking. See the girl in the pink dress? Why is she the only one not in winter gear? Ever since I can remember I have noticed this, even when I was young. Poor girl has to be so cold! LOL

I know, I know…WTFriday!

Have a good one!

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