WTFriday 8-24-12

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Here is today’s WTFriday…I had to use a laundromat when I lived in KY. I moved from UT so I did not realize that you could smoke in a  laundromat in KY. I was the only person in there late at night as it was adjacent to my apartment. I put all the clothes in the washer and went to my apartment. I came back 30 minutes later to put in the dryer and there were a handful of others there doing laundry too. Seem OK…NOT! Two of them had cigarettes int heir mouths while putting their laundry in the washer and the dryer. Needless to say my clothes stunk worse after laundry then they did before laundry.

Smoking while doing laundry…WTFriday?! Is there really a point to it? They could have smoked outside, but they didn’t. In fact one woman was dropping ashes in the washer as she loaded clothes. I bet she smelled pretty the next day.

Needless to say I did my laundry again the next day after searching, all day, for a smoke free laundromat. Sucked I had to drive 3 miles to do my laundry when the one in my apartment was literally a 30 second walk from my door to the mat.

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  1. I hate being around smokers….. My hair always smells bad after I have been around them and I can’t sleep until I wash my hair.

    Do smokers not know they reek as they walk by us?

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