WTFriday…Adult Sticking out his Tongue!

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UntitledOK this had been a weird two weeks. I have another really weird thing happen to me this week. I guess I must be attracting the immature losers out there because this kind of goes along with last weeks WTFriday moment, but this time I was on an escalator and it was my daughter and I again. My poor girl is going to think this world is full of freaks. Too be honest, I don’t think she would be totally “off” thinking that!

So this is what happened this week.

My daughter and I were at the Mall on an escalator. You know that weird silence when you and a stranger meet eyes? Well usually I just smile and say hello, or just nod my head. Today I had one of those weird eye locks with a man on the opposite escalator as my daughter and I were leaning on the outer railing, so we could see the other side. I smiled and said hello and this guy immediately stuck his tongue out at me…seriously. My daughter said “WHAT?!” I looked down as the guy was going down as I was going up and he didn’t have any expression at all, just was standing there.

I just told my daughter…”Boy it’s been a weird two weeks and I have nothing to say about that…that guy is strange.” She agreed and we went up to do our shopping. Wow…two weeks in a row and I have encountered three very immature strange men. This escalator guy was it least 30 something, maybe even 40’s. What kind of men is Ohio raising…geez!!!

Remember I want your WTFriday moment. Does not have to happen on a Friday, it is just shared on a Friday!

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