WTFriday…delivered cigarette smoke!

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IMAG0086I do a a lot of on line shopping. It really saves me a lot of time and money. I use the free shipping on a lot of web sites because, usually, in the end, it turns out to be comparable and cheaper. If I did not have to load up the kids and deal with sibling rivalry and constant fighting when i was out, I may spend more time shopping local. Today I am a bit frustrated. I got a package in the mail and upon opening the small box

I got a huge with of cigarette smoke. OMG it was nasty and gave me a quick headache. We don’t smoke in our house so the smell, out of the box was really prevalent. Now I have used this company a ton of times and have never had issues until today. The biggest problem, other then getting a brand new shipment smelling like cigarette nasty crap, is that three of these items actually are for baking. Two food colorings, which thank goodness are sealed, but the rhinestone band, not sealed, just a flimsy plastic over it…no way in hell I am putting that on a cake. UGH! So my WTFriday experience today is…if you are shipping items then keep the cigarettes out of the merchandise, even in shipping. That smell has been trapped in the box for a few days.

I have e-mailed the company and complained so if I get an update before I post this I will share. UPDATE BELOW!

Happy Friday everyone!

Remember, I would love your WTFriday moments to share! Does not have to happen on a Friday, I just post them on Friday’s!

UPDATE: They did give me a credit for a good part of my order so that is good. The things that were sealed up I have taken out of the boxes, thrown them away and the product inside does not smell at all. I got enough credit to cover the one item I reordered and it covered shipping too so that is good. I would have complained more however this company has delivered to me, successfully for over 15 years so I won’t complain about the credit I received as this is the first time in 15-years I have had an issue. I am not looking for something for nothing so I feel like I was taken care of it least! Have a great Friday!!!!

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