WTFriday…I have a China!

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This WTFriday is a funny one:

Waking up in the morning is hard but today it was not so difficult.

My son usually wakes up around the time my husband leaves to take my daughter to school. This morning he got up about 5 minutes before all of our alarms. That 5-minutes is a lot of time when it comes to sleep. I was dreading the wake up and then this little happy guy comes in and says something that just made my whole day.

He came over to my husband’s side of the bed. My husband responded to his wake up call and my son preceded with the following wakeup call…Daddy, I have a “penis.” My husband chuckled and said, “OK.” My son then says, “Daddy you have a bigger penis and I have a small penis.” My husband says “ok” again and at this point we are both laughing. Then my son says “Mommy doesn’t have a penis…she has a CHINA.” OMG we were laughing so hard. As soon as he says that he crawls in bed with us and at that point we were wide awake.

Oh my, what a way to wake up. Kids crack me up. I so wish I would have had my video camera on…

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31 Responses to WTFriday…I have a China!

  1. Sprinkle says:

    Oh my gosh. That is so cute. Such little kids are smarter than expected. 🙂

  2. Danna Wolf says:

    Bahahahaha, your son is so precious. The pure innocence of children’s curiosity is so refreshing from the perspective of a jaded adult.

  3. Jesse R says:

    That is funny! Would have made a great video!

  4. Gloria Walshver says:

    This is a clever way for a little boy to wake up his parents.

  5. Gloria Walshver says:

    What a humorous way to wake up in the morning by hearing this.

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