WTFriday…motorcycle smoker

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UntitledIt was one of those instances where I had to take a double and a triple take because I was a wondering how this guy was pulling it off.

I was sitting at a stop light today and a biker guy stopped next to me. He looked the part too, leather, grey beard, big bike, but was having a little trouble as he came to a stop.

He was have a rather difficult time keeping his cigarette in his mouth as he pulled up to the light. It was nearly have smoked and dangling from his mouth. For the 1-2 minutes we sat at the light he did not take his hand off the bike once but rather sat there fiddling with the cigarette with his lips and teeth giving it his best shot to keep it in his mouth. It was rather nasty to watch actually. I am thinking he is quite addicted. Seeming he can’t seem to make it on a bike journey without getting his fix. Dude…seriously, are the ashes hitting you ion the face while you are cruising down the road?

I had to look about 3-times to watch this guy and see if he would ever adjust the smoke with his hands but he never did. The light turned green and off he went, lit up and on his way…WTFriday?!!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess!

Untitled 1My opinion…don’t smoke and ride…seems a little dangerous if you ask me.

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  1. If he had a beard and it caught fire…. he might think again about smoking and riding.

    Happy Easter Tawna!

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