WTFriday…scare my kid…WTH!

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UntitledToday was a very weird day…an honest walk with my children turned into a semi dramatic event. Some people need some lives as there are too many people out there that strive for negative attention and that is just sad, in my opinion.

Today’s WTFriday involved a truck, 2-men, and my daughter…well me and my son too but it was directed towards my 7-year old daughter. It was just plane weird.

So we decided to take a walk and my kids are very friendly. Sometimes over friendly as it can make me nervous. They say hello to everyone, which is fine, but sometimes it can “bite them in the butt.” We were on the side walk and there was a big black truck with 2-men in it. One driving and one as the passenger. We were on the side of the passenger. The truck had to stop at the corner and we were on the opposite sidewalk. My daughter smiled, waved and said hello. Nothing happened and we walked on. The truck proceeded to go down the road and turn around and pass us again with the driver side to us and the guy leans out the window and screams at my daughter. I mean a huge scream. It was geared towards her because she was maybe 5 paces ahead of me and he waited to pass me to lean out and scream at her. It was a big “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Then you could see him pull his head in and laugh. This guy looked to be in his 30’s it least and he get’s his kicks out of scaring kids…kids that just waved and said hello. It was ridiculous.

My daughter turned around and looked at me and tears came down her face. It scared the crap out of her.

What kind of jerk would do this to a small child. He actually turned around and screamed at her…what a loser!

WTFriday…there are some real losers out there! Wish I would have got his license plate…it just happened so fast I did not catch it. Not that I could have done anything, but hate it that I have not idea who this guy is. Thank goodness my kids are not allowed to walk by themselves. Who knows what other kind of freak this guy and his friend are…

Remember…I want y our WTFriday moment! Doesn’t have to happen on a Friday, it’s just shared on a Friday!

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  1. Mike Hyslope says:

    What an absolute loser! Sometimes people really have nothing better to do!

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