WTFriday…Yelling at kids to fight?!!

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UntitledI have recently dropped my FitWorks gym membership and started doing my workouts at the local YMCA. Not that I did not like FitWorks, it just made more sense since the kiddos are starting to do a lot of sports at the Y. They offer discounts for members so in the long run it is cheaper.

OK so I took the kids into the mat room after my workout a couple weeks ago. It is a fun room full of all different sizes and types of mats for the kids to build things, jump in, or whatever. The whole floor is covered with a mat too so they can have a lot of fun and not get too hurt, if they get hurt at all.

There was a younger Mother that came in with 4 kids. Two of the kids I would have to guess were between the ages of 4-7 and the youngest were infants that could not walk yet. I am not sure they could even crawl.

The two older kids were both boys. My kids were already playing when they came in. The two older kids decided to go around hitting everyone with mats, even my kids. I had to say to my kids to stop hitting so the younger Mom would get the hint that I did not appreciate her kids going for mine. She did get that hint and asked them to stop and hit each other only. That made me happy, even though it took her about 4 times to get it through to them. Then I realized why it took 4 times…because it does not seem that they get told to stop much.

The older boy started literally play fighting, but rather hard with the younger boy. Like I said before, they were not that old and it looked as though they were about 2-years apart. The young Mom started laughing and when the younger kid came over, which happened about 6 times, she said “toughen up and hit him back.” Now I understand about teaching kids to stick up for themselves but really? This was not the end. After about 10 minutes of this mayhem, she preceded to literally yell and cheer her younger one on. She would say things like…”If you don’t start hitting him back I am taking you home.” or “Come on hit him back!” Then she would literally laugh out loud…

Now is it just me or is this just ridiculous. Play fighting is one thing but this younger kid did NOT want to do it. He was begging to stop and the Mom would not call the older one off of him. Good lord, this girl has 4-kids?! Is there any hope that they will not become abusive? The other two small infants were girls. This scares me what that older boy does to those girls.

I finally had to leave. I wanted to give my kids longer to play but it was frustrating I had to leave. I did not want my kids to see and hear that any longer.

WTFriday!!! And we wonder why we have so much violence in the world…

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5 Responses to WTFriday…Yelling at kids to fight?!!

  1. Brenda says:

    I’m sorry that it ruined the time you could have had there. I could not imagine ever sitting by and watching someone beat on someone else, let alone another child that I birthed! If the parent wasn’t doing anything then the Y staff should have. I hope that your next visit is so much better!

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m not sure I could have kept my cool. I am constantly amazed, shocked and frightened by what some parents let their kids do….. they just can’t see how serious a job they have chosen to take on and long term effects of things they do and say to their kids…

  3. OMG What an idiot that mother is…. if you can even call her a mother. Maybe, one day they will walk over and knock her on her arse.

  4. YUMMommy says:

    I definitely would have made a complaint against her to the Y staff and probably would have said something to her. Honestly, it seems like some people need a license in order to be decent parents now days. Encouraging kids to become bullies is awful and disgusting. I pray that they although, their mom seems to be a couple fries short of a Happy Meal those kids will turn out for the best!

    • Tawna says:

      Ya it was one of those things that I wanted to say something but I just didin’t and I am one to share my opinion so it must have been an off day for me. lol

      it always kills me to see the way some parents react and what they teach their kids. Most I meet are great and then there are some like this woman and the Y.

      Thanks for commenting and coming by my blog today!

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