You are what you eat…I can agree with that today, UGH!

I hope you will share!

You are what you eat, and they are not kidding! I feel horrible, but on my way out of this food coma!

I would add a cool image here but am not on my computer so it will be a plane Jane post for today!

I have been on a 3 day excursion with my awesome friend Heidi and it is not that we have eaten bad for those 3 days but I have not eaten like I usually do and it is now taking it’s toll!

I have kept doing my Shakeology for breakfast or lunch but had some movie popcorn yesterday and Mexican for dinner and pumpkin pie late. OMG I felt like a bloated elephant when I woke up this morning. It did not stop there.

We decided to go to breakfast this morning and I had a bagel, eggs, hash browns and coffee.  Hello!!! That bagel was my daily dose of carbohydrates in one meal.

We have had a lot of fun, and I knew I was going to cheat this weekend but I was still planning on working out both days I was here. Well, yesterday we just did too much and I missed my TurboFire Workout, HIT 20. today was Fire 30 so I decided that I would do both workouts today.

Holy cos that was a rough decision. I did make it through both but it was not easy. I felt tired and frustrated but I kept going. I did the HIT workout first and I did that with about half the energy I usually do. I then put in the fire 30 and felt much better but boy does eating heavy food make you feel like sitting down and sleeping and skipping the workout.

It is a good thing I only eat like this every few month cuz now I know why I was so overweight in the past. It was fun, but I am done, and back on track now.

I did my workout, and drank my shake for lunch and I am feeling much better!

See…even I cheat, and that is OK, as long as I don’t give up and I am not giving up!

The weekend was well worth it, I had a great time and a nice break from being a Mom. Now I miss my kids and even my hubby and I am ready to be a wife and  a Mom again!

Have a great day!


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