100 Letters

I hope you will share!

I am writing 100 letters in 365 days, starting January 1,2013 and ending December 31, 2013.

If you want to know why then visit my original post about it here

Have a wonderful year!

UPDATE: I AM FINISHING THIS WEEK! LIST IS DONE, ENVELOPES ADDRESSED AND STAMPED. WOW THIS HAS BEEN SOOOO COOL! The awesome feelings and replies I got while writing these letters is priceless. I did not receive replies from all and that was not the point. The one’s that I did receive replies form were so thankful. I know that regardless of hearing from people or not…this was so totally worth it! We spend so many wasted energy on complaining about how people make us mad or wrong us. Why not tell people the good things for a change. You will be surprised how much it means to someone to hear you made their day!

These letters will ALL be sent by 12/31/2013. Actually my real goal is to have them sent by 12/24/2013. You can read my last post about it here!

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I LUV Sharing!

7 Responses to 100 Letters

  1. Dorothy Boucher says:

    wow keep it going 🙂 something i should do 🙂 ehhe thanks for share

  2. Namrata says:

    Wow a hundred letters. Really great that you followed through!

  3. Orsi says:

    Can’t comment on the original post, so gonna ask it here. How did you pick 100 people?
    But this is an amazing idea 🙂

  4. irish says:

    wow i really like it

  5. Dorothy Boucher says:

    wow I will have to read more on this, sounds awesome and thanks for share

  6. Dana says:

    this is a cool idea

  7. Lecia Lance says:

    So cool to get “snail mail” !

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