New Years Eve Coupon share!

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Wow I have so many coupons and offers to share I figured I would post one today and then one on the regular hump day as usual.

I hope there is something you can use! There are a massive amount today. You will have to scroll down a long ways to get them all. Some do not expire until April 2014!

Happy New Year and may 2014 treat you well!

$1.00 off any package of BARILLA Gluten Free Pasta $1.25 off any ONE package of Hefty Trash Bags$15.00 off any Nicorette Mini Lozenge 81ct $1.00 off ONE Scope Outlast 750 mL or larger $0.50 off any TWO (2) MILKY WAY Brand


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Both sides are the problem…not just one.

UntitledThis whole duck Dynasty thing is tiring. I sit back and read Facebook post after Facebook post and walk away feeling like I have wasted a whole lot of time on Facebook. Well…I guess in the end it gets me to do other things and not be on Facebook so I guess it’s not all bad…lol

Here is the deal, as I see it…no matter what side you are on, and I don’t just mean with Duck Dynasty. I mean political, there are both good and bad. Continue reading

More Holiday Offers and Coupons…Hump Day coupon share!

Again today…hump day. Who wants some coupons and offers besides me? If you do you are int he right place! For a ton  more visit my Coupons tab. I post my weekly links on there, with the expiration dates, so you can navigate easily.

Toy coupons are also included in most of these posts in December 2013!

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Pay It Forward Friday…helping a family

Pay it forward picToday has been full of emotions. I watched a video about the Sandy Hook shooting and it made me cry. The poor families who lost children…it breaks my heart. It always makes me think of my lovely Angel in Heaven and makes it so much harder to watch other parents grieve too.

Yesterday I received a letter from my daughter’s school. A family lost 3 family members in a house fire and all their belongings. It is just about 1-week til Christmas and a family is trying to learn to live without a Mom, Wife, Brothers’s…good lord it’s is so heartbreaking.

I have decided to try and donate what I can for the survivors and try to round up as many other people to donate as well. With just under $50 in my bank account for the next 12 days I can’t do much financially but I can pay-it-forward this week other ways. This is what my morning has entailed… Continue reading

100 Letters DONE and WAY MORE than I anticipated!

UntitledAll I can say is WHEW and WOW! I did not really realize how hard it would be to write 100 letters in 365 days. It may not sound like a lot to some but it really is…but sooooo worth it.

If you are new here or just don’t know what I am talking about you can read my first post about it here. For my list of the 100 recipients (well today I even added 2 more so am at 102) you can view that here.

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WTFriday…Cell Phone Etiquette Please!


I love WTFriday moments from my readers and I have my first one to share. Remember that I want your WTFriday moment and I will share it. if you want linked back to your page too I will do that too!

This weeks it’s all about cell phones. Here is what my reader Sherri shared…Thanks Sherri! Continue reading