WTFriday 8-24-12

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Remember that you can submit a WTFriday post at anytime by e-mailing me on my contact tab and I will link back to your blog, FB, Twitter, whichever you want!

I hope to receive a ton of responses. I think/know this could turn into a big Friday event that is fun!

If you make blog buttons and want to help me make a WTFriday button I would love that! I will give you free advertising on my blog for 6 months and a shout out…e-mail me if you are interested!

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There are so many times I am randomly stuck with the phrase in my head WT…and I had a thought. So I was thinking. I need to jot down these little one liners, phrases or just plane shocking things and made a Friday blog post called WTFriday.

Then I thought further…why not let anyone post a WTFriday post. So this is my invitation to all my fellow bloggers and friends. E-mail me via my contact tab any WTFriday line, post, thoughts, whatever. as long as I approve it, meaning not too offensive and spam, it will go up on a WTFriday post. I will even link back to your blog or Facebook or any social media you choose. Sound good? Let’s get some of those posts starting today. Share with other friends and let’s start a fun and entertaining Friday tradition!

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Water costs more then a Soda?!!

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I was a the World-a-Fair a while back and I was thirsty. I have been trying not to drink soda much or at all so I decided I would go get a bottle of water. So I walked on over to the drink counter and all they had were bottles of drinks, which is fine, and I looked at the price…Water was actually .50 cents more then a soda…seriously. I looked at the guy and I said “just curious if that is a typo, is your water really more money then the soda…” Continue reading

Is it bad luck…or my own stinking fault?

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I was having a very horrible week a few weeks back and everything seemed to be “against me.”  Let me step back…it all started when I let stress take over my head and the insomnia kicked in at full force.

There was the moving stress of needing to pack, unpack and clean the old and the new place. The stress was also added when my husbands job changed. It changed for the better but it still adds stress. There was stress with me needing to get my new dance class underway and make it a success so I could get it into the Fall curriculum. There was stress over money…normal.

So what did I add to this…everything! Continue reading

Question about Adsense

I have posted in the Google Adsense Help forum but it is hard to get any answers there.  Does any of my readers know why when I get a click(s) in the adsense for feeds report my earnings stay at zero? I hope someone knows the answer because I am not able to get any answer from the Google forum. Adsense for content give me a little $ for clicks but not the feeds.


Had to beg for my refund…and still had to dispute.


OK so my last post about blog giveaways being a bust sometimes got a lot of response and I am glad to announce that most of the time, people really do get their prizes. There are the odd times they don’t but I guess like anything in this world you win some, you lose some…literally in this case.

Here is what ignited my last post.

I won a giveaway back in February and I did not use the coupon code until months later, August to be exact. I was worried it might have expired but it hadn’t as I was able to shop and use the code and it gave me the 100% discount. I did get charged for shipping which I thought was ridiculous for a blog giveaway as that is usually not the etiquette but seeing that the business cards were a great savings and we started a new business so  I thought I would pay the $33 shipping on a lot of business cards. I checked out and approved a $33 payment for shipping and was excited to finally get my business cards. But… Continue reading

Blog Giveaways…do you always receive the prize?

I am throwing this out there to anyone who has won a blog giveaway and has had trouble or has never seen their product? I know that I have sponsored a couple giveaways and one time my shipping company did not ship it and as soon as I found out I reshipped. I get that happens sometimes. But what I want to collect is information on anyone that has not received or had to beg to receiver their prize. Here is why

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Amazon $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

Welcome to the Extreme Amazon Giveaway! (RandomThoughts Blog)] has joined up with other awesome blogs to bring our wonderful readers the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! There are lots of entries to choose from – you can do one or do them all to increase your chances of winning the big prize.

Who could not use a $100 from Amazon?!!!!!

Giveaway ends August 17th at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck!

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