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WTFriday 8-24-12

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Remember that you can submit a WTFriday post at anytime by e-mailing me on my contact tab and I will link back to your blog, FB, Twitter, whichever you want! I hope to receive a ton of responses. I think/know … Continue reading

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1800 Postcards update, not good!

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Holy cow, remember when I updated my post about y card being charged $121.50 on an order I only okayed $33? I updated saying they refunded me and that is so not rue, I updated again, I am so mad! … Continue reading

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I LUV Sharing!

There are so many times I am randomly stuck with the phrase in my head WT…and I had a thought. So I was thinking. I need to jot down these little one liners, phrases or just plane shocking things and … Continue reading

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Water costs more then a Soda?!!

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I was a the World-a-Fair a while back and I was thirsty. I have been trying not to drink soda much or at all so I decided I would go get a bottle of water. So I walked on over … Continue reading

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Is it bad luck…or my own stinking fault?

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I was having a very horrible week a few weeks back and everything seemed to be “against me.”  Let me step back…it all started when I let stress take over my head and the insomnia kicked in at full force. … Continue reading

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Question about Adsense

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I have posted in the Google Adsense Help forum but it is hard to get any answers there.  Does any of my readers know why when I get a click(s) in the adsense for feeds report my earnings stay at … Continue reading

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Had to beg for my refund…and still had to dispute.

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SECOND & THIRD UPDATE BELOW TOO: OK so my last post about blog giveaways being a bust sometimes got a lot of response and I am glad to announce that most of the time, people really do get their prizes. … Continue reading

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Blog Giveaways…do you always receive the prize?

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I am throwing this out there to anyone who has won a blog giveaway and has had trouble or has never seen their product? I know that I have sponsored a couple giveaways and one time my shipping company did not … Continue reading

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Amazon $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

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Welcome to the Extreme Amazon Giveaway! (RandomThoughts Blog)] has joined up with other awesome blogs to bring our wonderful readers the chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! There are lots of entries to choose from – you … Continue reading

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