How I make the best jello

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I make Jell-O and it makes that thick gelatin layer on the bottom so when you’re scooping out the Jell-O it’s kind of hard on the bottom. It’s kind of the texture of the jello jigglers, but even harder and it grosses me out.

I made Jell-O o for a couple of people a little while back and they both told me that I needed to share how I do it because they don’t like that layer either.

What I do is super easy. I simply follow the directions on the box but

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Direct TV Now Review

I’m not a super tech-savvy person, but I have been streaming shows and movies for years because I don’t want to pay for expensive TV. So when I switch back to AT&T for my cell phone service and called them for some other issue, they talked me into some DirecTV Now app that I thought sounded like a good deal because it was only going to cost me $10 a month to stream on two devices. So I decided that my husband and I could stream on our phones. Well, let me tell you a little bit about our experience and why I’m canceling it ASAP.

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Stouffer’s has lost my business.

I only buy Stouffer’s products like this lasagna once or twice a year. I have a family member coming to visit me and I have one of these in my freezer and I figured it was a good time to make it. However she is Jewish and the ingredients list does not tell you what type of meat but, there’s a number on there that you can call or text.

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Homemade Bugspray

 I have tried  many homemade all natural things in the past  and have not been very happy with them.  But, when I went to my friend’s house a couple weeks back to do go to a pool party outside she had made  and essential oil bug spray that I was skeptical to use  as mosquitoes love me more than most people. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked on me and my kids and pretty much every other person sitting at the party watching the kids swim. Let me tell you it’s not like there weren’t any bugs that day because there were a ton of bugs flying around that we’re not biting my legs arms and neck. I decided to go ahead and share the recipe on my blog So others may benefit from this awesome concoction.

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InterStim Dilemma

So it’s been a whirlwind I’ve had my interstim turned off for like two and a half years because I was having some pains and my urologist who kind of blew me off right after surgery, who only did one follow up with me, is no longer around. His old office wouldn’t see me because it didn’t take my insurance. So, I went without a doctor for two and a half years. Mind you anytime I called their stupid office during the first handful of months, I was pushed off to my Medtronic rep. My medtronic rep told me I was calling for doctor related issues, which the rep was correct. Pretty much my first Urologist just wanted me to be a number on his Stim trial list. Since 2010 he has seen me once, on my 2-week follow up. 

Now there is a newer doctor in the area and I finally was able to go in and see them.

Let me rewind…

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Politics & Parties, repeat.

Wow I have been invited to a whole lot of parties lately.  Wow I sound popular don’t I? Facebook, over the last few years has been one of two things for me. Either political ranting or party invites. Either I am reading fake news in my news feed (that’s 99.9% of it) or I am being added to a group for a so called “party.” You know the one where your friends can add you to groups and ask you to buy stuff so they can get stuff. Granted, I don’t mind one of these every now and then but 1-2 each week is the average right now and I am getting a bit frustrated.

Right now I am somehow in a legging, keep and cooking party. Last week I was in a makeup and legging party. I used to feel bad about removing myself from these groups as I didn’t want to hurt my friends feelings but I am so over that!

So I have spent many times on Facebook lately unfollowing very unhappy people who do nothing but share and vent about politics on Facebook. If you continue to spread the fake news and bitch the whole time, you will stay my friend, because there is a reason you are my friend and I love you. However, I need to unfollow you because that negativity is not my angle and makes me upset to see and I am tired of telling you to verify your sources for all the fake news sharing. Sorry but even CNN & FOX are biased.

Now I have to spent time removing myself from the so called “parties.” They really aren’t a party. OK so maybe you can get away with calling it a party as the definition is “a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.” Source- Webster’s Dictionary. See how I cited that? Unlike other quotes and news stories on Facebook and Twitter etc. that don’t have legitimate cited sources…anyway!

So I guess

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The not easily offended…offended!

This has been on my mind for years. Today it get’s pout on here.

I’m a LEGAL immigrant.

I played by the rules and came here and made myself legal.

I support immigration laws because I understand them.

I don’t expect to live off a country for free, I expect equality and when you tell one person they need to come into the country legally then ALL people should come into this country legally. It’s called consistency.

I did it the right way, so why shouldn’t everyone who wants to live in this country have to do it the right way?

No other country would allow illegal immigrants to have free health care and welfare. Not even Canada  where every threatened to jump too. Trust me I came from there, not happening peeps.

From someone who has actually been through the lines and tests to make the US their home, I am tired of those who have not had to do it, advocating for those that don’t want to do it. It makes me feel as though they don’t care how hard I had to work to be proud to be a citizen. Frankly I am offended and I don’t get offended by much of anything. Why does this offend me?

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Tough love.

So my daughter has this dance bag that constantly gets dirty clothes put into it when she changes and I’m saying to her, daily, “do not leave me your dirty clothes in your bag please.”

Yesterday as she left the car with her bag in her hand, after I had to remind her to take her bag out of car, I said, “go in and clean the dirty clothes out of the bag I want to do laundry.” “Ok Mom, I know geez I know!”

So it’s now about 12 hours later…

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Anger is my first stage

I’m a mess. After searching online for grief support groups I am not finding the one that I feel I fit in with. I lost my Dad within the past 2-weeks. My first emotion was and still is anger. He was suppose to be ok. He was suppose to have a handful of good years with his new heart. I feel robbed and stabbed in the back. I’m so angry that it was cancer that took him that decided to grow, out of no where, when his heart was healing. I’m angry because we had to turn the heart off. His heart was strong the day damn cancer took him. I just needed a place to vent. I’m not ready to go out and meet people face-to-face in a local group right now. I just needed a place to write what I’m feeling. I don’t know if this anger will last for forever but right now it feels like it. I miss my Dad.

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Can we all do it?

It’s October 10, 2016 and the 2016 Presidential lection is just under a month away. I have a challenge for myself and everyone else out there. 

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