More hot offers and fabulous coupons 2014, last minute Easter Candy Coupons and more!

I have decided to just keep the coupons and offers int he same post (easier on me sorry). That way I can post more as it takes for ever to organize them…lol

Last minute candy coupons and lot’s of beverage coupons are near the bottom of the post. Most coupons are near the bottom so be sure to read the entire post for ALL the fabulous savings! Have a great Holiday (well if you celebrate Easter) If you don’t celebrate Easter then have a wonderfully warm weekend!!

Fab Lifestyle Offer: Fabletics – 50% Off

Create Your Lifestyle Profile – Take our quick lifestyle quiz so we can get to know you better.

Giveaway: Zavida Coffee For A Year,

Prize: The grand prize winner will receive Zavida Coffee for a Year. 5 runner-ups will each receive a Zavida Coffee Bundle Pack.

Tons more! Read more to see the rest of the offers and all the coupons for last minute Easter candy and more! Continue reading

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Congrats Teeth Whitening winner!

The winner of my Smile Brilliant LED Teeth whitening system has accepted the prize! Want to see who won? I posted on the giveaway Rafflecopter who won so you can check out the Rafflecopter on the original giveaway post here!

Have a great day!

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Coupons and Offers for you!

Here are a bunch of coupos and offers. I usually try to separate the posts but I am so busy today I am jsut posting them together!

Have a great day and enjoy saving on stuff!! There are a lot so scrol all the way down to see them all. The offers are first and the coupons (many) are at th end. Ton’s of cleaning coupons for srping cleaning!!

$0.50 off any Clorox Smart Seek™ Bleach

Fun & Functional Springtime Offer: 

Description: Take a short style quiz, picking out which styles of shoes, handbags, dresses, and other types of clothing you like and then Shoedazzle’s stylists will pick out items that match your style for you. On the first day of every month, Shoedazzle’s stylists will create a personalized set of items you are sure to enjoy.

Giveaway: Zavida Coffee For A Year Continue reading

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Ragnarok is now available mobile! Take a look!

Ragnarok Online, the legendary fantasy MMORPG that took Asia and the world by storm, is now available on your mobile device! Play the classic Ragnarok wherever you go with Ragnarok: War of Gods!

Want to know more about Ragnarok? I have included the video about it within this post. Simply read more to preview it. Continue reading

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Pin It To Win It Mother’s Day Style!

Sponsored by H

Mom’s Day is a very small token of appreciation for everything our moms do for us. Cozi’s Pinterest board has meal ideas, gift ideas and more to celebrate Mother’s Day.

By following Cozi and repinning their pins you can enter to win an Amazon gift card now! Hurry as this contest ends in 23 days!

Read more and click on the image to take you to the sweeps! Continue reading

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WTFriday…cell phones AGAIN at a the most inappropriate time!

Kids with phonesOH my goodness! I am so over the rudeness of cell phones I want to scream! I have said it before and I will say it again. “The cell phone is not the most important thing in your world!” Oh I so long for the days when yo had to be home to get a call and messages were left on an answering machine for when it was convenient to listen tot hem…the good ole days!

So again I have been annoyed with cell phones and again sharing it in my WTFriday post! Here was the latest for me in my little world. Continue reading

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Just shut-up and listen!

beauty girl cryThis post is inspired today by a post from a friend on FB. No, she did not post anything to make me upset or want to vent she simply asked how to respond to someone who just experienced a loss. Immediately I thought to myself, “I have a lot of experience with loss so why not give my two cents?”

The older we get the more loss we experience but it wasn’t until I lost my son that I realized I had been saying all the wrong things at the time others in my life were grieving. So here is my opinions on what not to say. Continue reading

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Smile Brilliant Professinal Teeth Whitening Kit Giveaway!

smile brilliantOh yes you read that right I am giving away a SmileBriliiant Professional Teeth Whitening system to one of my very own awesome readers! But as always, let me tell you a little more about it and then enter via the rafflecopter at the end of the post!

I have a love/hate relationships with teeth whitening to be honest with you. Back in 1998 I had to have some veneers put on my front teeth and spent 2-weeks and over $200 buying the whitening system from the dentist. There was really no other option for me back int he late 90′s and it was expensive! It did work OK but I knew at $200 plus per whitening kit, form the dentist, that would probably be the last one I did.Then come an awesome company called SmileBrilliant for for a fraction of what I spent in 1998, I could get whiter teeth from home…sweet! Take that dentist! Continue reading

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There is a better way to track customers for your business

Ha ha I have to laugh because this guy is so me. I am finally joining the modern world and finding ways to track my customers not through e-mail and spreadsheets. I have lost a few contacts i the past few weeks relying on e-mail. Sometimes it get’s lost in cyber space and you can’t get them back. So sharing to everyone that may be in my same situation.

Don’t be that clueless guy/gal (ya that’s me today) that can’t quickly find information on customers!


Video shared via campaign.

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