House finally going up for Sheriffs sale…

Well I have to be totally honest, we have been lucky so far. It has been 1 ½ years since we have made a house payment and our house is scheduled for Sheriff’s sale in June. It has been a rough 2 ½ years not knowing what is going on and us struggling with our medical bills and it seems that now it will come to an end.

We have had our house start and stop foreclosure, I believe, four times now. It has been stopped once because we filled bankruptcy and then started again, so that is twice, then stopped again in August when the first Sheriff sale was to be and then stopped again when the bank sent up papers to try and work out a deal. They lost the paper work that we sent 9 months ago and we had to resend them 2 weeks ago.

We got a letter today saying June is the Sheriff’s sale so this is number 4 and I am pretty sure the last time. Apparently they don’t want to work out a deal with us so we have to move.

The irony of it all is that I have plane tickets for me and the kids to go to UT and Canada for 6 weeks and if the house sells in June then we would have to be out before we are scheduled to fly back. My new hope, not to keep the house, but to have the house not sell in June and sell in July so we don’t have to move until August.

Our house needs at least $20,000 worth of work for someone to fix it up to sell or even live in it so they would have to get it cheap to make it worth it. The problem I see is that no one can come see it before they bid so they will not know that till too late.

I just ask everyone to pray for us that it does not sell in June and waits until July. Will keep you posted.

I have a new appreciation for belly dancing…

I just finished a 33 minute belly dancing workout called, Belly dance Fitness for Beginners: Slim Down, with Veena and Neena. I got it from the library to try for free.  It is a belly dancing workout. I have to admit that when you watch belly dancing it does not seem hard at all but I have a new appreciation for it today.

You have to keep your arms up the whole time and you are constantly on the balls of your feet. I was sweating and my calf muscles and arm muscles were on fire! I could feel my heart rate increase and I feel really good. It was definitely a fun different workout and I am going to definitely do it again and try other videos.

Who knows Kami I may be belly dancing with you sooner than you think (once my stomach does not shake when I jump. lol

Not letting the negative get me down

This is not the way I typically handle negative things, but I am going to change that real quick. I usually dwell on the negative and my day would usually get worse, but not today.

I have noticed a huge difference, like I posted before, on my attitude. Since I have been trying so hard to let the good in and not the bad I have been happier. Whether I get my “abundance” of material things or not, is trivial as this is a nice feeling to be happier most of the time instead of some of the time. I still have a ways to go but I am getting there. I am yelling at my kids less, not totally gone but less. I am frustrated at my husband less too.

Last night the breaker went out and all our lights and outlets on the top floor are not working. Instead of getting mad I just shoved it off and we used our cell phone lights to get the kids to bed. There are a couple of lights in our room on a different breaker so that was nice.

My daughter wet our king size bed last night for the second time this year. She has been potty trained for 2 years and has only wet it twice.

My son’s allergies were bad last night and I hardly slept as the poor little guy could not breathe.

We have all been up wide awake cleaning beds and noses since 6:30am, we did not get to sleep till 1am and my son was up every 30 minutes in between.

I am actually in a pretty good mood because I am not allowing myself to be mad and upset. I have reminded myself many times how lucky I am to have a family. I am actually finding the positive in that when my kids do not feel well or are stressed out they want me and it is nice. I may be tired but I am tired holding a dear little infant who looks at me with those big blue eyes and a 4 year old that calls me her hero every day. I am lucky to be so tired for these reasons. Bring it on; I am not going to get upset about this!

My daughter’s fear of Band-Aids…

My 4 year old daughter refuses to let us put band-aids on her when she gets hurt and needs one. She will scream bloody murder if we even talk about it.
She fell tonight while running on the side walk and got a really big raspberry on her left leg. It was nasty and bleeding everywhere. I got her home and my husband and I tried to deal with the hysterical child. She was first of all tired as we went on a walk from 8:00-8:45. It was 2 doors down from our house where she hurt herself. I guess the saying “most accidents happen close to home” is a correct one. I let her out of the stroller to run to her Daddy that happened to get home just before we did.

We finally got her upstairs and sprayed her off in the shower and she screamed the whole time. Once we got her dry I got a non-stick gauze pad and put some Neosporin on it. She was so upset with us and you could have sworn we were beating her to death. We forced the band-aid on her and she finally calmed down after about 45 minutes.

She kept saying “it feels weird take it off as she would cry a little but we made her keep it one. After a good dose of ibuprofen and her wearing herself out from hr tantrum she finally fell asleep.

We have always had this issue with her and band-aids. It is weird to us because it seems that most other kids love them and want them all of the time. It is nice that we don’t go through them so fast but frustrating that she won’t let us use them when she needs them.

Anyone have children that hate band-aids this much? How do you handle it when they need one? Force it on while she throws a fit like we did?

Trying to visualize $ in the mail instead of bills

One of the things the movie said to do was to try and visualize and NOT expect bills and debt in the mail but rather expect a check. I did try and am trying this one and far…not so good.

I know in my sub conscious I am still rather skeptical of this whole thing but I am doing my baby steps to get there. For me to totally know if this is going to work I know I have to be “all in.”

I even posted on my face book page that I was expecting a check on Friday instead of bills and I tried really hard to visualize this all day but found myself going back and forth in my head about it. I got a collections notice in the mail that day. Did this frustrate me? Yes! Am I going to give up? NO!

I know I have to make a habit of having happy and non stressful thoughts and I am going to continue to visualize checks in the mail.

This is something that I am sure will take longer then overnight to change.

One thing I have noticed though, right off the bat, is that my happy thinking about what I am grateful for has seriously helped from the get go. I have already found myself appreciating things around me more. Especially those cute corky things my husband and kids do, rather than focusing on what is “pissing me off.” This is definitely a start in heading in the right direction.

Soda does not quench your thirst…

I went to King’s Island yesterday with my husband, daughter, step daughter and another small child. I brought some water caparisons for the kids but forgot to bring a water bottle for myself. I figured I could just drink out of the drinking fountains.
My husband is a soda fanatic and it is his main choice of drink during the day. It does not matter that I constantly “ride” his butt and tell him that the soda water does not hydrate the body; he MUST have “taste” in his beverage. I don’t even buy it at the grocery. I try to make it difficult for him to get.

It is a lot harder to drink out of the drinking fountains than you realize. Waiting in lines and being far away from a fountain makes this job quite difficult and rather non-existent.

My husband went and got a huge 44 or 64oz. refill cup. I am not 100% which one but it is very large. It ended up costing $10 for the cup with a drink in it but the refills are only $2 all season long. Of course this made his day. Anytime I say, “get me water” he says, “I am not spending $ on water it is not worth it, what kind of soda do you want?” This frustrates me to no end because to him maybe water is not worth it but to me the soda is not worth it.

I ended up sharing a couple of these sodas with him in the 7 hours we were there. By the end of the trip (the last 30 minutes) I was so sick. I felt dizzy, tired, and dry heaved a few times. I almost did puke but fought the urge. I was so dehydrated and my body was getting really sick.

We ended up leaving because I was not doing well and I barely made it to the car. We drove down the road to Wendy’s and I got a water when we went through the drive through, and of course he was still sucking on the stupid soda, and it was an immediate change for me upon drinking about 8 ounces of water. I felt a lot better. I was so water deprived that I drank water all night long and felt like I could not get enough. I usually get up 1-2 times a night to go to the bathroom especially if I drink right before bed, but did not get up at all last night.

I will not forget my water bottle again. That was a horrible experience.

Made my whole day and then some…

I went to my tap class last night and one of my friends said to me, out of the blue, “you look great, you have lost a lot of weight haven’t you?” This made me beam from ear to ear. How awesome is that? I was so excited and smiled all night long because she was right and she noticed.

I could not see any fat rolls shaking around under my t-shirt last night, as I looked in the mirror. I usually can see the fat roll even in the shirt and it was not so apparent last night. It is still there, it is just getting harder to see.

Thanks Marie for making my whole night! I love you!

Vision poster

Another idea that The Secret movie had was to make a “vision poster.” This poster is everything that you want and that you can “visualize” having right now.
I decided to take this task on a few days ago and finished it yesterday. My adorable daughter made one too and had way too much fun doing it. I have attached both pictures and you can see hers consists of animals and sweet treats.

It was fund making it with her regardless of what happens with it. She learned how to use the kid scissors and is so proud of herself. I am going to hang both of these in my office/spare bedroom.

My poster has more than pictures on it; it has a lot of positive phrases for changes I am choosing to make both physically and mentally. There is also a lot of open space on it for the purpose of adding more things as I go along. I will continue to update pictures of it as I update.

The idea for me is to go in and look at this poster at least twice a day and close my eyes and visualize everything on there as “mine” right now. I think the best time for me would be after I use the gratitude rock. Refer to my previous post for the grateful list.

Here are the pictures of both of us.

My 4 year old daughter’s poster.  So cute!
My poster. Found a healthy, not just skinny, woman and put my face on hers. I put my dream house, car and appliances on it too. That fridge has a coffee maker in the door, sweet! I also put a passport book with a map of the entire world. It says “go everywhere I have not been.” Has a picture of an old couple in the center and i wrote mine and my husband name on it. It also has a healthy family sticker on it and the hand picture has 5 hands holding and I have our family of 5 names on it. I also put a “grandparents at play” sticker on it. It also has a bunch of positive words on it. It also has my hope for earnings for the next to years on it. It can’t hurt to visualize everything. Plenty of space to add more!

List of what I am grateful for

One of the first things that The Secret movie tells you to do is write a list of everything you are grateful for.  The list below is what I can think of right now and I am sure there are many things I am missing that I will have to add later.

Another cool idea from the movie was the guy who invented the “gratitude rock.”  He has a small rock that fits in his pants pocket and every morning when he wakes up and gets dressed, he puts that rock back in his pocket and rubs it and says in his head everything he is grateful for.

I am going to go out tomorrow, when it is light, and find a rock or something along those lines to do this with every morning.  Whether this whole movie idea works or not, I can’t see any reason why it would be bad to think about everything I am thankful for every day.

My list:

Daughter and both sons
Aunts, uncles, cousins
Weight loss
Parks to watch my kids play
Kisses from family
Best friends
Cars are paid off
Playing with my family
Watching kids sleep

Helping kids take turns…

My friend Heidi came over the other day and helped me out and she didn’t even know it so thanks Heidi!

Her grandson who is 3 and my daughter who is 4 were arguing about taking turns and she said “at my house we do 5 min. turns.” She then would tell the kids, “4 min, 3 min”, etc.

Now those of you that are parents and have been for awhile probably are saying, duh, I already do this but seriously I have not thought of it this way yet. I babysit another child on Tuesdays and he is 8 months younger then my daughter. I have always fought with them about taking turns but the actual timing concept did not come so clearly until I was shown it.

Today is Tuesday and I have implemented this and it is working out nicely. I am making a couple adjustments though. I have a digital kitchen timer that I have been using and training the kids to listen for the beep so they know when their turn is up. It is funny because they keep asking, “is my turn over yet?” It is awesome to them when I say, “no not yet.”

They were playing with a really loud circus toy I bought my daughter that was driving me insane. The song would just keep repeating over and over. So my brilliant idea… Mommy takes a turn for 5 minutes. They gave me the toy without any hesitation at all because I set the time for myself too. What is nice with kids that can’t read yet…I set my 5 minute time for 10 minutes but still told them it was set for 5 minutes. They haven’t noticed any difference. The plan was that they would get onto something else and forget about the noisy toy. Did it work? ABSOLUTELY! It is noise free and has been 20 minutes since my timer went off.

Now I will go hide the toy somewhere.