Kids get cabin fever too…

So I have blogged about having troubles with my 3 year old quite a bit lately and I noticed a change in her today and it made me think.
We have been cooped up in this house because of the snow for weeks. We have had more snow than usual this year and who wants to pack to young kids out in this cold snowy weather to go do things? Plus with all the flu that is going around it makes me more nervous.

However, my husband took my daughter out shopping with him and his Dad today and she had been whiny and horrible all morning long. It has been a night and day difference since she got home. She is so happy and not whiny it is like having a different daughter at home than I have had over the last few weeks.

This made me think that maybe my daughter was experiencing cabin fever just like us adults do. Maybe she just needed a change in environment from the hum drum house. I know that I get antsy and stir crazy when I am cooped up too long so why shouldn’t she? We will see if she is in a good mood the rest of the day and see if it lasts another day or so. If she is then I guess we just need to get out every few days so we don’t fight so much.

CHEAP work-out that felt great + MEASUREMENTS…

OK so I can now see that my title may make you go hmmm, what kind of site is this? Well it is a true statement. I have been working on the total gym, which I really like, and this weak I am taking a step back to a cheaper work out.
Today I ran in place in front of the TV with 5 lb leg weights and 5 pound dumb bells. I actually “ran” the entire 25 minutes without stopping. This is huge for me as I hate running and have not had the stamina to run more then 3-4 minutes when I started this in Nov. Even 2 weeks ago I was only lasting about 9-10 minutes.

During the first 10 min. of my run I did use my 5 lb free weights to do upper body while I was jogging/running in place. This is a 2 lb increase from my 3 lb dumb bells so this is also very motivating. This will only enhance my toning goal even more. It was a little bit harder, which is good, but it was a good feeling.

I then proceeded to lie on the floor and do some leg lifts and kicks etc with the 5 lb weights on each leg. Lots of stretching which is getting easier and I am getting more limber.

I felt really good and sweat just as much as the total gym and really did a great work out today. My point being, you don’t need expensive equipment to work out. I think the cost of the dumbbells and the leg weights are about $25-$30 max. I bought those years ago at wal-mart and they were not expensive at all.


So I bit the bullet and measured today and here is what I got.

2/8/2010                NOW                   Loss/Gain
Bust: 43 ½             43 ½                     No L or G (I am so OK with this one)
Waist: 45 ½           45                         L- ½
Hips: 47 ¾             47 ½                     L- ¼
Thigh (1): 27          27                         No L or G
Arm: 13                 13                         No L or G

Total inches over 19 days = ¾ inch. This may not sound like much but it is huge for me. I am still losing and I feel better every day.

Total loss since I started this in November.

November 2009                  NOW              Loss/Gain
Bust: 44                              43 ½                L- ½ in.
Waist: 48                            45                    L- 3 in.
Hips: 49                              47 ½                L- 1 ½ in.
Thigh (1): 28                       27                    L- 1 in.
Upper arm: 13                    13                    No L or G (stubborn arm!)

My TOTAL loss since I started this in November 2009 = 6 inches. Average is 2 inches per month, yay me!! May not seem fast enough for some reason but mentally I have started to change so many things. The longer this takes and the more motivated I get the easier it will be to keep these life changes permanent


A 40 minute tantrum from my 3 year old…

So all I said last night at 9:15 pm was: “let’s go get PJ’s on. Oh my, that was the wrong thing to say as it turned into a 40 minute tantrum. I was so ready to jump out of my window but I handled it better than usual.

She cried and cried and I was very calm for about 36 minutes of it. I simply told her that if she did not calm down she was going to lose things. We were in her room and every 2-3 minutes I would tell her, “if you don’t stop I am going to take a toy out of your room and you are going to lose it for a long time.” I took out 3 large stuffed animals, her princess vanity, and her castle doll house. She finally figured out that I was serious and stopped. I now have all her toys hidden away and she has to be good in order to get them back one at a time. This means she has to go to bed without a tantrum and if she does, the next morning one of her toys will reappear.

Let’s see how this works.

One size smaller shirt…

So I tried on a large shirt yesterday that has been tight around the mid section and it totally fit. I was so excited I tried on another large just to make sure and they both fit and were actually kind of loose fitting, yay! I am still a little nervous to measure myself so I am holding off, but the large shirts are fitting so good riddance XL shirts. Whihoo!

New DDR game is making my legs sore…

So I posted yesterday that I was very tired from my dance class and the total gym but I forgot one thing, my DDR. I just got a new DDR game for my Wii and have been doing it a lot, about 45 min a day. No wonder I felt horrible yesterday. I did not think about that. I am thinking that I need to do a DDR and weights experiment. I love the total gym but anything gets old the DDR gives me a challenge to “beat” something and it has a lot of new music on it and unlocking new music is very exciting for me right now.
I am going to DDR and hand weights before or after. I will come up with more of a schedule as I do it and see what works.

Another great reason to do this is that my daughter can do this with me and we are having fun quality time together and she is seeing Mommy work out. I am hoping that her seeing me at a young age working out every day will help influence her to do it every day as well, even after she is an adult.

More sleep = less fighting…

So I have got more sleep the past few nights and it has made my days with both my kids a lot easier.

I have a husband that loves to sit, for hours, in front of the TV at night. He thinks that the only way he can relax and that we can spend “quality” time together is in front of the big screen.

The problem is that when the kids both get to bed for the night (around 10) then anything we want to watch goes until midnight or later. By the time we brush our teeth and get ready for bed it is about 1am. My 6 month old sleeps really good from about 10 til about 4-6am. If I go to bed around 10-11 then I feel more rested when he is up at the early hours. When I am staying up with my husband, I feel like crap the next day and have a very short fuse.

So my husband has been out of town for work the last couple days and I have gone to bed between 10:30-11 and have gotten up a couple times to give my son a soothie around 4 and 6am but he sleeps until 7:30. I feel much better and me and my daughter are not fighting near as much.

I guess I need to pick my battles and I would rather not have battles with my 3 ½ year old during the day so I am going to bed by 11. Maybe then my husband may realize that there is more to life then us in front of the TV. I mean, he will sit there anyway, but he is going to have to alone after 11pm.

Tired today but still doing something…

I am really tired today because our Irish class last night kicked my butt and we danced hard for about 90 minutes.  I had done a 40 min total gym work out that morning as well so this morning and pretty much all day I have been “BLAH.”

I am not going to let it get me down though!  It is 10:30 at night and I am going to put on a 30 minute my name is earl and do some free weights and squats.  I really do not have it in me to do a long work out on the total gym and I need something different, so I will try something a bit more low key but still effective.

6 months old and still trouble sleeping…

It’s not that my son does not sleep all night, it is that he does not sleep WELL all night.

He has rolled over fully 3 times and fights it when I try to get him to do it again and again. He gets so mad. I really think that if he could roll over then maybe he could get himself more comfortable in his crib. He squirms and scoots and gets stuck on his stomach and gets mad, even though he is still sleeping. So this means that we have to get up and scoot him back down to the other end of the crib, put a soothie in his mouth and wait for the next time he gets mad.

I  don’t know, maybe it won’t help his sleeping when he can move himself around, but it sure feels good to think that there could be a all night sleeping light at the end of the tunnel, soon….?

Taking advice about a book to help with my child…

OK Hollie you told me about this book and I am just starting to read it. The book is “Setting Limits for your Strong-Willed Child,” by Robert J. MacKenzie.

I started reading it today and he seems like he knows what he is talking about as one of his children sounds EXACTLY like my daughter. It says to not start using any of his advice until you read the book totally so that is what I am going to do. I will post more about this later after I read it and start trying his ideas. I hope this works, I NEED something to work!

It was very inexpensive as well. I bought if off for under $10 even with shipping. I have an Amazon search box on my blog so if you want to check it out you can search from my page.

Am I sacrificing…?

Someone said to me just the other day, “you must have a lot of will power to sacrifice all the tasty food you can’t eat now?” I did not really say much because something bothered me about that statement. I was not sure what it was but today it hit me. Am I really “sacrificing” food and taste? I also do not think that “can’t” is a correct word. A better word should be: “choose” to not.

Something I have found is that the healthier I eat, the healthy I crave. I know I have said this before but it is becoming more and more apparent. I have been learning to cook and flavor with fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, and fresh everything. I don’t make anything out of a box anymore. You know what; I actually am enjoying the taste even better as my food does not taste false and fatty anymore. I love the taste of fresh herbs in my dishes; there is a huge difference from using dry flavorings. I love the taste of the fresh vegetables too. Fresh onion is so much better then onion powder etc. I actually feel like I am enjoying more flavor and better food and NOT sacrificing the taste of the other food I use to cook.

I am feeling better about myself and learning new ways to look at life and this is amazing to me.

I have bought 2 cook books during this work in progress. The books are “cook yourself thin,” and “cook yourself thin faster.” I LOVE these cook books. It teaches you how to flavor and cook your food and keep the taste in the food. It makes your body feel like there is no sacrifice of taste. I have also learned this so well that I can now make my own recipes using their same methods and I love it. I do not use any other cookbooks anymore. My husband and child even like the recipes out of this book.