The woman always knows…so why don’t men listen?

We were in WV for the Thanksgiving weekend and we were having a nice family day site seeing wonderful places.

We were driving on lot’s of windy back roads, as the Midwest is full of them. There was one problem though…I kept having to tell my hubby to watch the d@%n road!

Like most men I have driven with, he likes to look out the darn window instead of looking forward. This is even a bigger problem as my daughter and I are car sick 90% of the time we are in the car, and his looking everywhere but the front road, makes it worse. Continue reading

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Gas prices CLIMB but it least groceries went on SALE!



It seems that every holiday weekend gas prices climb to obscene levels and it makes me so mad. It is really not very fair that gas prices hike up on weekends when people put more miles on their cars. This has been happening for years, and I know it will keep happening.

Groceries have gone up, as a whole, too and this is frustrating as wages have not. However I have noticed over the last few years that it least the grocery stores seem to put items on sale when they know they are going to be popular.

I have noticed this for Easter, and always find eggs for .99cent to $1.00 at pretty much every grocery.

I have been shopping a bit over the last 5 days and these are a few things I have found on sale. Some may not be on sale anymore, but most of this I have seen in the last 48 hours so I thought I would share. Continue reading

I fit into my first goal shirt today…whihoo!!

Today is an awesome day!!!!!

I bought the Mickey Mouse shirt (in my picture) about 2 months ago as a “goal shirt.”

It is a Juniors Large! I have been buying ladies medium shirts for awhile but this Juniors large shirt was a little too tight when I bought it.

I know that others may have worn this shirt around with the stomach roll hanging out but I won’t do that. I wanted it to actually fit! It fits today!!!

I have lost 8 pounds in 28 days and this has made a total loss of 68 pounds since November of 2009! So cool!

How did I lose the majority of my weight? Continue reading