Wig success!

Well the washing and conditioning of the wig with the bumble and bumble straight and the curlers in it for 3 days worked like a charm.  The damaged wig looked great and we had a great Halloween.  You CAN rescue a very damaged and knotted wig!  I did it!  Here is my beautiful snow white.

Here is a pic of just the wig after I took the curlers out
Looks good and is shiny!

Great quote from Joe

I feel inclined to share a quote that is on Joe Vitale’s CD.  If you don’t know you can then you can’t and if you don’t know you can’t them  you can.

Think about that for a minute, it makes a lot of sense.  We are are worst enemies when it comes to our thinking and I think this quote alone says a lot.

Did not eat the donuts!

Had a meeting Saturdays morning and they had a few dozen donuts there and they were the first thing you saw when you walked into the room.  I was not even tempted!  I have been feeling so good about my weight loss and my positive thinking has really helped.  I walked in and did not even want to be tempted.  It was so awesome.  Everyone around me was munching down on some donuts and I wasn’t.  I left feeling awesome about myself and very proud!

Making the most out of the tornado warning

Well lets see, yesterday (Tuesday) we had a tornado warning for awhile and everyone was saying “get in your basement!” I took the kids and the dog and the cats downstairs and there we were for an hour and 15 minutes.  I was down in the play room with no TV but did have a radio.  For the first 20 minutes I listened to AM stations to the weather and then I figured, “I can’t do anything more so might as well make it worth while.”  I turned on some dance music and we went to town and grooved the next 40 minutes or so away to dance tunes.  It was me and my two kids, my 4 year old and my 1 year old. 

I am nasty sweaty and we are back upstairs after the warning.  At least I got a work out out of it and we all had fun.  Making the most out of every situation today!

You NEED to check out this awesome blog

I have made a new friend this week and you can find her blog at http://thelastdegree.com/ Her name is Lisa Devereaux and she shares awesome law of attraction sotries on her blog.  She highlighted my weight loss story today at http://thelastdegree.com/2010/10/weight-loss-by-positive-thinking/ and has tons of other great law of attraction stories on her site as well.

This is so cool to me for many reasons.  Of course, she highlighted me so that is great but even bigger to me is that she is showing the blogging world that there are a lot of people out there doing exactly what I am doing and it is WORKING!  This makes me so excited as this just enhances my enthusiasm to keep going because I know I am on the right track.

I hope you stop by her blog and give her a follow and check in often.  You can also follower her on twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/lisadlastdegree

Have a wonderful day and think positive!

Another sleepless night!

My son goes back and forth, back and forth, when it comes to sleeping.  I think I have  him sleeping through the night and then we do not sleep for 2-3 nights.  it is very hard.  I had to pull out the play pen again last night and put it in the kitchen so we could try and get a little sleep and I hate doing that but what else can you do?

We don’t feed him, he is not pooping, and he is not sick anymore.  He literally stops crying the second you pick him up and immediately falls asleep in my arms.  He just wants to be held.  I would love to hold him all night but realistically that will not work so now we are back to the bait breaking AGAIN and trying to get him to sleep by himself all night.  He is 14 months old, it is due time!  I/WE are so tired!

Following my morals will only help

I was battling between a right and wrong choice last night and today and decided that there is not need to battle because the answer is to always stay within my morals.  I truly believe that if you have a choice to make, the only choice, is the honest choice.  I had to do this even though the not so honest choice would pay me some desperately needed $.  I wrote out my whole story on my weight loss blog since the job had to do with weight loss so here it is http://tawnasplan.blogspot.com/2010/10/gave-up-job-that-could-earn-lots-of.html

It just goes to show that we are temped lots of times in our life and we have to be tested to make the right choice.  I truly believe that making right choices will only enhance my positive law of attraction and I do not regret saying No today.

Gave up a job that could earn lot’s of $ today

I have been looking for part-time work at home for a couple years now and came across a great, well I thought great, nutrition teaching job yesterday.  I was so excited as this was going to allow me to teach people how to become healthy, yay, right up my alley.

I e-mailed the guy and we scheduled a phone interview and the interview was going great and all I could think was “how cool to be able to teach on my own time again, and help others.”  Well that did not last more than 30 minutes.  Then the word “supplement” came out of his mouth and he said “this is how we earn our money and you can make up to 50% profit on sales.  Really…seriously…this is not a nutrition class this is a selling job, argh!  I don’t mind selling the right things but I cannot every say that diet supplements is the right thing.

Why would I go on such a venture to do my weight loss naturally, without supplements, and then turn around and try to make money of them?  I cannot morally do that even though the money was sweat.  Besides diet supplements come out daily and are typically not FDA approved and I would never want to be responsible for someone having horrible side effects from something I am selling them.  I guess I have too much of a conscious to do that.

Other issues are that typically when people use supplements for weight loss they do not keep the weight off after they are done taking them and then have to go back on them.  No medication whatsoever is safe to take for the rest of your life.  This is why we have so many small lawyers making a killing off of the drug industries anymore.

Anyway, so I said  no.  Bummed that it is not what I thought but feel great because I stuck to my morals and my own personal journey.  Guess I will keep looking!

Made it 130 seconds today!

It has been one long week (and one day) of this darn cold. I have not done plank in days because my head has weighed about 50 pounds. Today I finally talked myself into it again and believe me I literally had to talk myself into it, I am still tired and snotty! I only could go 130 seconds before I about died. My head was getting heavy and I am still so sleepy feeling.

Let me say this a totally different way, Yay! I can still do 130 seconds in plank position, whihoo!

Hoping to be much better soon!