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How I make the best jello

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I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I make Jell-O and it makes that thick gelatin layer on the bottom so when you’re scooping out the Jell-O it’s kind of hard on the bottom. It’s kind of … Continue reading

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Direct TV Now Review

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I’m not a super tech-savvy person, but I have been streaming shows and movies for years because I don’t want to pay for expensive TV. So when I switch back to AT&T for my cell phone service and called them … Continue reading

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Stouffer’s has lost my business.

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I only buy Stouffer’s products like this lasagna once or twice a year. I have a family member coming to visit me and I have one of these in my freezer and I figured it was a good time to … Continue reading

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Homemade Bugspray

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 I have tried  many homemade all natural things in the past  and have not been very happy with them.  But, when I went to my friend’s house a couple weeks back to do go to a pool party outside she … Continue reading

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InterStim Dilemma

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So it’s been a whirlwind I’ve had my interstim turned off for like two and a half years because I was having some pains and my urologist who kind of blew me off right after surgery, who only did one … Continue reading

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Politics & Parties, repeat.

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Wow I have been invited to a whole lot of parties lately.  Wow I sound popular don’t I? Facebook, over the last few years has been one of two things for me. Either political ranting or party invites. Either I am … Continue reading

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The not easily offended…offended!

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This has been on my mind for years. Today it get’s pout on here. I’m a LEGAL immigrant. I played by the rules and came here and made myself legal. I support immigration laws because I understand them. I don’t … Continue reading

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Tough love.

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So my daughter has this dance bag that constantly gets dirty clothes put into it when she changes and I’m saying to her, daily, “do not leave me your dirty clothes in your bag please.” Yesterday as she left the … Continue reading

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