Up and Down, Up and Down!

I was really wrong when I thought I could keep up with my exercise on the 6 week trip. I am not totally glad that they trip is about over, but a little.

I have been up and down on the scale, and I HATE scales, 2-3 pounds. Right now I am up 2 pounds from June 22nd when I started my trip. I will be good for a few days and so a bit of exercise but I am eating out a lot and end up visiting a lot of people and putting the work-put off. The problem is that I am putting it off for days at a time because I get caught up in the traveling and visiting. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing everyone, especially those I have not seen for years but it is taking a toll on my body.

I am one of those people that just can’t eat healthy and lose weight. I have a dramatically slow metabolism and even when I am eating my calorie goal I will gain weight without exercise. UGH!

I am getting frustrated with myself and I need to chill off myself I know. I can’t wait to get back to the exercise routine next week. Back home and back to normality on Tuesday, well after I unpack my house. Maybe I will unpack with weights on my arms and legs and to loud hair band music and dance my way out of the moving boxes!

Boycotting antibacterial soap

I know this may sound funny but I have been learning a lot about soap lately, which does seem a little strange I know.

A couple things I have learned about the soap from nurse friends, not from the internet or I would question it more, is that antibacterial soap is really not helping us to avoid disease.

Apparently there is an outer layer of skin that we have that the antibacterial soap destroys. This layer helps coat our skin and ward of disease when it can. If we constantly put antibacterial soap on it and eat it away then we are actually exposing our skin to more germs that way.

We need to let our kids build their immune system and being exposed to germs helps. Antibacterial soap stops this from happening too much and we may see our kids actually get more symptoms of sickness then when they don’t use the antibacterial products.

It may not seem like a major deal to worry about but it does make sense. I lived a very limited sick life in my childhood and we did not have all the sanitizer and antibacterial products. I think there is something to this.

Setting my alarms sucks!

So since my post way late last night or early this morning I decided to get myself up at the crack of dawn so at least one of use will get used to the time change in 5 days.
I am on Mountain Time which is 2 hours early then eastern (home time). This morning I got up at 6am and I have been used to getting up around 9. Holy cow that was hard. The problem is that I am staying up till midnight or later which is 2 am or later Eastern Time and when I get home that would not be good.

My hope is to have at least me back to my time zone and then not worry about the kids until I get home, thanks for the advice Jenny! Don’t want tired mad kids on vacation.

Hope this works!

Had an eye opening talk with a friend today

Thanks for your phone call today Russ. You made me think a lot about my positive thinking dilemma and I hope you do not mind me writing about it because you made sense.
Positive thinking does help, you are right, as I am not thinking of the outcomes in the correct way all the time. Just because my son may have had a fever for 3 days does not mean that I did not “find the secret.” As you said, “we made it on our road trip safe and we had a great time with no issues.” Right!

My son’s fever did break for about 5-6 hours. This allowed us to feel OK with going out of town for the weekend. It did come back and my son was definitely in good hands, and our trip turned out fabulous.

With your many trips to the hospital when your kids were young, you told me that even though you could not change the situation with the kids, you could find positive things to be thankful for and this helped you get through all the many years of hospital visits and late driving.

All of what you said makes sense. So now my new goal is not to just expect everything to change immediately but keep finding that positive energy that is around me and keep it there so things do not seem so dramatic anymore (which is a big problem for me). I may not be able to change something right off the bat, but I can sure be a happier person.

Thanks again Russ! I love ya!

Need to get used to Eastern Time soon!

June 22nd is when we headed out west and have been here living Mountain Time (2 hours earlier). I think it is due time to get me and both kids back on Eastern Time. So…..do I go the “drug up” route or what?

I guess I could start waking them up earlier in the morning, if I can get my lazy butt up. We may be tired earlier that way but I will have real ornery kids for a few days.

Any suggestions on trying to do this before we head back next Tuesday August 3rd?

Didn’t find it again

Well since my last post of positive thinking about my son’s fever…not too positive. He had a fever on and off for about 3 days. It broke the first night, same night as my first post on the 24th but cam back late afternoon on the 25th and did not go away until vey late the 26th.

I felt bad because we left for Vegas on the 24th early as we thought the fever had broke for good. Four hours later we were wrong but already in Vegas so my parents had him with the fever til the 26th.

Need to figure our this positive thinking, not working all the time as it is suppose to, argh!

Going home to a mountain of packed boxes

Brent got to come out and hang with us in Canada, Vegas and Utah for 2 weeks but had to go back to Ohio today. He did not have anymore time off work to be with us.

The kids and I have been on vacation since June 22nd so we are on week 5 now of our 6 week trip. It is a long trip but the only way we could afford to see my family in Utah, Idaho and Canada. Vegas was just for fun without kids.

We go home in 7 more days. I have enjoyed visiting my family but am ready to be home. The bummer is that I have to go home to a house full of boxes as Brent had to move us into our new rental house while I am gone. I am not looking forward to the mountain of boxes but at least he got everything moved.

Anyone want to come help me unpack August 4-8? I have a goal of Sunday the 8th to b totally unpacked. Here goes nothing!

Vegas work-out

This past weekend we had a trip to Vegas with some friends. It was so fun but hot! Let’s just say the average weather was about 110 degrees, HOT!

We walked a ton as it is about 3 ½ miles from the Excalibur to the Stratosphere and we walked for pretty much 48 hours straight. I have blisters on my feet to prove it and I had very comfortable running shoes on with socks.

My pants are slightly looser around the waist even with all the fattening buffets there are in Vegas as we walked off pretty much everything we ate.

Back to my normal work out today but I tell ya, I like the Vegas work out. It was very entertaining!

Trying to find the secret a second time

So my son has had a bad fever all night. I blogged about it today 7-24-10 on my other blog http://btrbb@blogspot.com

I am trying to thin positive and give off good energy like I never have before. I am feeling the fever gone and telling him it will be gone by morning and telling myself. I am desperately trying to sleep but as you can see I am posting this about 4am Mountain time. I am taking this very serious, this fever is going to be gone in a couple hours!

Son’s teeth and fever

We have been in vacation since June 18 and when we left my son only had 3 teeth. He has 6 now and the last 2 can in one after another over a 2 day period. He now has a 7th one pushing through. I feel so bad for him, he is so miserable and his little mouth is so sore.

We have also been battling a huge fever of 101-102 today and tonight. The thing is that he does not have any other sick symptoms. He is still eating bottles and letting me use a straw to dap water in his mouth. He is not squirming around like his body aches or anything. His fever is just so high. We have been alternating Motrin-Ibuprofen and Tylenol every 4 hours in hopes this cuts it. I also had my Dad give him a blessing (prayer) in hopes this fever breaks. He is so hot and so miserable.

I know that the emergency room won’t do anything for him so I have not taken him. I called, but they can no longer give advice over the phone. If he was not eating or drinking and had other sick symptoms I would have been out the door hours ago.

Could this all be from teething? Any incite please!