WTFriday…Yelling at kids to fight?!!

UntitledI have recently dropped my FitWorks gym membership and started doing my workouts at the local YMCA. Not that I did not like FitWorks, it just made more sense since the kiddos are starting to do a lot of sports at the Y. They offer discounts for members so in the long run it is cheaper.

OK so I took the kids into the mat room after my workout a couple weeks ago. It is a fun room full of all different sizes and types of mats for the kids to build things, jump in, or whatever. The whole floor is covered with a mat too so they can have a lot of fun and not get too hurt, if they get hurt at all. Continue reading

Facebook or die? NOT I!!

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

When Facebook came out I honestly did not understand the reason for it but as I got into it I learned to like the features. The biggest thing was that I was able to reconnect with tons of people in my life, especially form the past. I grew up in Canada and Utah until 2001 so it really got me connected with a lot of old friends and long distance family. However, in the past few years I have come to a point of not loving it anymore. I think that people depend on it too much. It is rather frustrating, as for some, it is the only way they communicate and that is a “downer” for me. Continue reading

Day 5 on day 8 or 9….

Well I would be telling you an untruth if I said I was on day 8 today…I am still trying to get through day 5. This is all part of the process and life get’s in the way. My kids have been sick and I have had lack of sleep and cuddly kids. If I have to choose between hugging my sick kids or working out the kids are going to win.

Oh I will get day 5 done…I won’t quit. If I were to quit I would still be 70 more pounds over weight. I am a reality queen. My reality is that I Continue reading

Kitchen Scale Giveaway, from EatSmart!

IntroI am so happy to be able to review AND Giveaway another awesome scale from EatSmart Products!

First the review of the EatSmart Precision Pro DigitalKitchen Giveaway AND than enter to win this same scale (US only) on the rafflecopter form at the end of this post! How cool is that?!!

I have done a YouTube of this scale as well so you may either watch the review below OR click on the “read more” option, below the video, to read the review and then enter the giveaway! Good luck!

Now onto the written review and giveaway! Continue reading

Day 4 ice skating

UntitledToday was not really a rest day, but a rest day from my workout DVDs. We have our daughter in ice skating lessons and she goes once a week. Hay, she is half Canadian, as I was born there, so you know my kids have to eventually learn how to ice skate!

Anyways, we decided after her lesson that we would take the kiddos to the open skate. Continue reading

Day 5 & 6 of 40 day+ workout!

UntitledSince the kiddos had been sick for nearly 5-days, my workouts had taken a turn for the worst…meaning they were MIA for those days. On a good note (2 good notes) the kids are better so I can workout again AND I found a couple more workout DVD packs so I think now I have over 45 workout DVDs…that is a good thing. I should not get bored, LOL

Day 5’s workout was with Jillian Michaels again. She is tough as nails but that woman knows how to get results. She is definitely not for the sensitive type. I do lover her workouts and today she did it again…kicked my butt.

So today I worked out with Banish Fat Boost Metabolism by Jillian Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.

Continue reading

INSANE workout for day 2!

UntitledYes today’s workout was INSANE and from Insanity! Oh my lord Shaun T is totally insane. His workouts are top notch HARD! That can definitely be a good thing, especially if you have been working out for awhile and can handle it.

I have tried Insanity in the past and made it 30 of the 60-days. Then I got shin splints and had to go to an easier workout. I threw in some Insanity workouts into my 40-day workouts, but not a ton. Continue reading

Goddess Workout Day 1 PLUS measurements.

UntitledToday was day one of my 40 workouts in 40 days and my first workout was the Goddess workoutGoddess Workout: The Warrior Goddess - Bellydance Beyond Basics. The woman in the workout is name Ophelia and she seems to be a pretty good belly dance guru. I am not and it was funny, but I could definitely feel the burn in my hips and abdomen during the workout. Continue reading