My 200 calorie HEALTHY lunch yum!

Healthy Chocolate Banana Shake (meal) only 200 calories yum!

Today is a busy day. I had to literally run to take my daughter to school and I am getting ready for a garage sale that I want to have today and tomorrow.

I like to walk my daughter to school and it takes 10 minutes each way and that just adds to my exercise and calorie burn today.

For lunch I want something that tastes yummy but does not have a lot of calories. Today was a yummy chocolate and banana shake and YES it is a healthy chocolate so yay me!

Here is the calorie breakdown. Continue reading

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Can you talk yourself into or out of a headache??

My husband and I got into a little “discussion” about headaches the other day.

He wakes up a couple times a week, it least, and says “oh I have one of those headaches that is only going to get worse!”

I finally confronted him the other day and he did not like that very much. Here is how the conversation played out. Continue reading

My daughter’s1st day of school…Kindergarten!!

So today was my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten, holy cow, when did this happen?! I was teary eyed all morning long, but when we got to school, there was so much commotion it kept my mind busy, so yay!

How cute is she at her little blue table?

It was so hard to walk away and leave here there, but I knew I HAD to do it. Besides she wanted to stay, only Mommy was the weak one:)

Anyway, we had a great morning, she was so excited. I kept telling her that we needed to have “positive thoughts” about school and then it would go well. She said “Mommy, I want to tell Heavenly Father (what we call the divine power) that I am grateful for starting school.” How awesome are kids?!! Continue reading

Hiding the vegetables so he will eat them!

My son goes through stages and the other day he was going through an “only eat potatoes stage.” I was desperate to get some vegetables down his little belly and had a squash from my sister-in-law which I grilled and was determined to get him to eat it!

Of course the potato stage was going on to I had potatoes and decided that come heck or high water I was getting the vegetable down him so this is what I did. Continue reading

Burning calories at the airport!

I had a two hour layover in MN twice this past week and after two and a half hours of flight time, twice in a day, I needed the lay over!







The airline seats have gotten so stinking small and uncomfortable, by the time I stood up my legs and hips were cramping big time Continue reading

I worked out at 9:00pm Holy cow…Persistence!

Tomorrow my little princess starts Kindergarten and we have been busy, busy! I did not get home with the kids til 7:30 and then after baths, story time, and bed it was 9:08 and I still put in my turbo Fire HIT 20 workout! YES I DID and proud of it! Continue reading

Kids like it too!

My daughter has been begging to try the Shakeology for months and so I decided to let her today. She starts school tomorrow and goes in the afternoon so honestly this will be great for her to drink on the way as it will keep her full for her entire 3 hours of kindergarten. Here it is!

Have a good day!


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