The last 4 years in my home…disappointing!

By October of  election year I am chomping at the bit or the big “E” day to get here. I am tired of all the damn commercials and back biting and arguing and just everything. I know I am not alone. Since Facebook came into the picture these months are filled with massive status updates about everyone’s views…grrrr. I have been guilty too. I am just not in the mood to have a debate on my Facebook page so I decided to write a blog post on why I am changing my vote this election from what I voted the last election.

For the record…I believe in freedom of speech and you can believe what you want. This is my blog so it’s my views. If someone does not like my views, they don’t have to read it. I won’t read their blog if I don’t like them either…all is fair.

Anyway, here is why I am voting red instead of blue this election, quite different from my vote last year. Continue reading

WTFriday…DVD Commercials?!!

2 Broke Girls: The Complete First SeasonI love NetFlix as I love being able to watch my favorite TV Series all at once on DVD. I wish they had all TV series on Instant…maybe one day, but for now I will take some instant and some DVD. I do have a complaint though…

I got the first disc of 2 Broke Girls, which is currently my favorite new TV series, and there Continue reading

Thanks Guradian Angel…it could have been a bad situation!

Image from MS Word Clipart

Wow, yesterday was an interesting day and I know someone was watching over me because I did two really not so smart things that could have turned out bad, but it didn’t. Giving a huge hug to my guardian angel today and a big thanks.

Here is what happened? Continue reading

WTFriday 10-11-12

OK so I know this is funny how I notice those silly things from movies but, I do, that’s me, I am weird I know. If the movie companies take a couple different shots in the same scene and something is different, I notice about 95% of the time.

So today’s WTFriday is about a movie…again.

I LOVE Christmas movies.. I could watch them all year long. Seriously I have done it before.

Frosty is a favorite and there is something that just drives me nuts. Well not nuts, but I comment on it every time. Continue reading

100 letters update

So I finally sat down today and started my list of people. It literally took me, all of 4 minutes, to write down 55 names. This is just a start. I guess when you actually take a minute out of your day to think of those that deserve your recognition in life, it really does not take very long to write a list. If you missed my first post about these 100 letters you can view that here.

I am keeping the list in a spreadsheet so I can sort it alphabetically. This way Continue reading

Weddings, weddings, and more weddings!

Wow, weddings can differ very much between countries, states, cities, family, and individualx. I know that I have noticed little differences from the West to the MidWest in wedding planning. One thing I see for sure as a difference is, in the West you rarely get a wedding invitation that does not include a colored picture of the couple. Out here in the MidWest I never get invitations with pictures of the couple. I hate that!

Anyway, ever wondered how other people do the ceremony, what they give as gifts? could help you find that perfect gift and also give you some fun little trivia about some wedding nuptials. Notice the image below, it has some fun facts about a brief history of weddings, courtesy of Continue reading

Pure Liquid Clear Stevia Review

A while ago I got a huge box of NuStevia products in the mail from

I used to use a lot of sweeteners in my coffee and other beverages and really wanted to try the NuStevia product. I did notice that some of the other sweeteners I was using would leave kind of a “bitter” taste, but the NuStevia does not seem to have that same bitter taste.

I started using it a couple months ago in my coffee. This Pure Liquid Clear Stevie is awesome. It has last me just over two months, and I still have some in he bottle. I use it every Continue reading

100 letters in 365 days!

There is something I have wanted to do for a long time and today is the day to start. I am done thinking and not doing, I am going to do!

I heard about a guy, a long time ago, that wrote letters to people one year. If anyone knows what I am talking about please comment with info. on him as I would love to read about him again.

I want to do this too. I want to write Continue reading