Insurance update

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OK so remember when I posted that the insurance company denied my surgery which was about $52,000 and they were actually trying to get my doctors office to send them a refund? Well….I got a call today. It went to voicemail as I do not answer any 800, 877 or 866 numbers due to all the telemarketers that can call your stinking cell phones now (yes I am on the do not call list but they still call).
 Anyway, the voicemail said “this message is for Tawna, this is your insurance company calling about the incident you called about last week, we want you to know that your owing balance is ZERO!” This is me (picture a jaw drop to the ground and the dumb look on my face. I thought I had to pay 20%? I am not going to argue. I guess I reached my out of pocket, I don’t really care but they paid!!! Whihoo! So glad it worked out!!

Have a great day everyone!


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A quick thought/prayer to the Universe!

OK Universe, I need $500 today or a free plane ticket offer for this weekend! I am putting it all out there! Clear the doubt in my mind, I  deserve this and it is OK for me to want this!

I am sure there is some unclaimed money in my name out there somewhere. Where is Oprah when you need her?!!!!!
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How about a simple HELLO Today?!!

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I am trying to think o something inspiring to write about today and for the first time in a long time, I just can’t get my brain to think!

Hmmm…I am sore, but that is good because it is from working out. I am happy and  the sun is finally out. I am just having a day where I guess I just need to say…..hello to all my readers! Hence the hello kitty image today just for fun!
I am glad you come by and visit here every day, or every other day, or whenever you stop by!
I am dong well with my weight loss goals and my behavior change goals so I can keep the weight off!

I hope you will come back when I have something more fun to say!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Cleaning and Clearing is the” KEY” but difficult! I CAN DO IT!

If you are a active reader of my blog you will now that I contribute most of my success to one mane..Joe Vitale. He was in the Secret Documentary and it was his DVD set that really inspired me to make my changes. If you are new here then please checkout past posts about him.

Joe talks about a cleaning and clearing step that helps us focus on what we want and if can get the doubt out then we will get what we want.

Doubt is a very hard thing to overcome and probably my hardest. I have been doing this for awhile and as you know i have not received everything I want yet, so I am still a work in progress.

The awesome thing is that I have shown time and time again that he law of attraction does work but I still doubt myself. Why do we let ourselves doubt so much?!

Joe says that clearing interference will block you with in yourself and this causes you to be unclear. An example he uses is if you can say something like “What I want is on its way to me, it just has not arrived yet, without hesitation and doubt then you are not unconsciously block and you are clear to get what you want.

Wow, this is so true.

How many times do we say things like “I will make it big some day,” and in the same breath, we say “well that is wishful thinking isn’t it?” So we get the point for a minute when we say what we want and then immediately we block it. So of course it will not come true.

This is something I argue with my husband about a lot. He is constantly saying “we will never have money or a bigger house again.” I keep saying “if you say it like that then we won’t, quit being negative!” He has gotten better. The hardest part about it is that when people around us are constantly saying negative things, even when we are trying to stay positive, it can waterfall into our head, and it makes this whole positive thinking journey that much harder.

I encourage all of you, including myself, to clear the negative out and make those around you clear it out too. Let’ all get what we want out of life OK!!

Have a great day everyone!


Do you watch TV episodes online?

Here is a random thought today.

So I watch some TV episodes online because we do not have cable, DISH etc or a DVR so there are a handful of things I like to watch online.

When you choose to watch something online you have the option of watching it in the normal Internet window or you can make it full screen. Full screen is definitely the better choice.
For some reason ABC thinks they need to flip it from full screen to the regular screen during commercials and every time the commercial is over you have to take the mouse and click full screen again.

So why do I blog about this…well…we have out computer hooked up to our big screen TV so this drives me nuts! I may be sitting with my kids, cuddling etc and I have to move myself to adjust it to full screen. Now there are other stations that do not do this and I really appreciate it. One of them is NBC. If I chose full screen from the beginning with NBC then it stays there the whole stinking time. ABC I love you but get a clue please!

K, thanks for listening today. I know this is really not a big deal but it does bug me and I had to share!!


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My own positive thoughts.affirmations today!

It has been raining for weeks and I saw on the weather channel this morning that we are CLOSE to our record for rain fall. It has been depressing so I am saying out loud and thinking my own positive thoughts today.

I thought my herbs were dead because I planted them and then it froze for a week and they are not dead!

“Thank you rain for bringing my herbs back to life so I can cook FRESH and HEALTHY!”-Tawna

“Thank you rain for giving me a lot of cuddling time with my hubby and kids over the past couple of weeks. Rainy days are awesome for tons of cuddle time and we have bonded more in the last few weeks then ever!?-Tawna

Have a great day and remember that every season has it’s reason!

Now if I can only figure out why blogger will not allow me to add ANY html picture code today, life would be perfect!

Anyone know why?


Last week of P90X, I DID IT!!!

Anyone know why I can’t gegt any html code, for images, from photobucket to work on here today?It has been a rough week, computer wise, so I have not been posting much. My computer is nice and reloaded though so we are now back on!
I am not in week 13 (LAST WEEK) of P90X and I can ID IT!” It is so close to P90X graduation and I am so proud of myself.
Yoga yesterday and core synergisitcs today and graduating on Saturday! WHIHOO, YAY, AWESOME, YAHHHHHH!

In all honesty, I am excited to complete it, and I WILL do it again because I truly have liked it. This is from someone who was/is a Continue reading

Walmart almost ruined Easter…Rude!

It has taken me 4 days to write this post! I guess enough bitching and moaning finally made my husband sick of me talking and he finally reloaded my computer. Back on and it works awesome now!!! Thanks babe, I love you!

Well I went to Walmart today and bought the things I needed for my kids Easter baskets. I bought a real cute outfit for my 5 year old, some candy, crayons, paints, and 2 Lightning McQueen sippy cups for my 18 month old.

Don’t they look cute?!

 I called my husband upstairs to help me fill the eggs we were going to hide and to check out the Easter baskets. He proceeds to pick up the sippy cups and then asks “did you already let Brahnan use this?” I laughed and said “are you kidding?” He said, “it has teeth marks on it!” I said “WT…” Low and behold there are freaking teeth marks on one of the cups. Mind you I took this out of the plastic seal myself and yes there are definitely teeth marks! It is hard to see in the picture but if you look close you can see them.

It was now 10:30pm Saturday night and I had to get something in his basket. He is only 18 months old, so he would not know if I took him into Walmart myself tomorrow and exchange them but I have a 5 year old that would very much question her brothers lack of Easter basket or why we are gong to Walmart to exchange what the Easter Bunny brought. I then decided I needed to go to Walmart myself, which is a 14 minute drive one way, but I had to go.
I got there and went to walk in the front door and the greeter immediately says “we no longer take returns after 10:00pm.” I said “you have got to be kidding me, I need these exchanged tonight, they are for my sons Easter basket.” He said “sorry can’t help you.” I said “uh, get a manager because your store sold me a used cup and Easter is in the morning.” He would not get me anyone to try and get this taken care of. Of course I left the store all sorts of pissed off. Now it is almost 11:00pm and I have just about $5 left in my bank and now I have to go buy some freaking cups or something to go in my sons basket. Do you think I would even think about buying it at Walmart, oh hell no.
So I drive 12 minutes back towards my house and stop at another store, Meijer, as there was no way in Helena Montana that I was giving Walmart anymore money. They did not have Lightening McQueen but they had Toy story and they were .98 cents less so I went with them. I brought them home, put them in the basket and Easter was a success.
Went to Walmart today (Monday after Easter) and took the cups back. I complained and they did not care. I told them “I understand the whole 10pm thing but this was not my fault and the return should have been mad after 10pm.” She said “it comes from corporate, we can’t change it.” I said I realize that but you guys sold me USED CUPS, how is that policy, you are NOT a USED store!” Of course she was speechless. I then said “so if I buy something again that is defected and I need it immediately and it is after 10pm at night then you don’t care?” She said, “it comes from corporate there is nothing I can do.”
This is such BS. If I was just being a pain in the ass and just wanted to change the cups then you know, screw me, and come back the next day. My point is, they freaking sold me a USED cup and they are acting like it is my fault and I am putting them out! I so deserve more then my money back. I deserve gas money for the 2 extra times I had to drive there and an apology, JEEZ! Where has customer service gone?! I just don’t see it anymore anywhere!!
Thanks for coming by and reading my long awaited post!
Happy shopping everyone and happy belated Easter!