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Gym memberships…too expensive?

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So I have lost most all my weight at home. I lost about 70 pounds at home. Pretty darn good if you ask me. I am not a huge lover of working out in front of others but over the … Continue reading

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Tired of overseas customer service

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So Obama promised to bring jobs back to America. so why in the last 4-years has more of the companies I deal with, using calling centers out of the US. There were a handful of companies that still had US … Continue reading

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WTFriday Sept 28 2012

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This is more of a random thought then a WTFriday thought but it still goes along with the idea. So my kids loved the Berenstein Bears for a while. I do too, I think the cartoon is a good one. … Continue reading

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Not as much steps and I would have thought

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I have had this post in my drafts for months and forgot about it. Still worth writing so here it is. Back in April we went on a trip to Disney World. My husband and I got into the conversation … Continue reading

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10,000 FB Fan Giveaway

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I am only about 2500 fans away from reaching 10,000 Facebook Fans. So here is the deal. I am going to sponsor a giveaway when I hit 10,000 fans. There will be one CASH prize, not sure how much but … Continue reading

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Bling phone covers…worth it or just pretty?

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I thought I would share my review on a phone cover I bought this last week. It is a good thing it cost me less then $10 because even though it is pretty, I don’t like it one bit:) I … Continue reading

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I think I can…

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I feel so redneck today! Look at my sad, sad, mower. I have had the redneck mower for a year now…seriously. Last year the right side of the handle broke and today, the left did. I don’t want to spend … Continue reading

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I am so excited!

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I have been decorating cakes over the last year (teaching myself) and I am so excited about what is coming in the next few days that I could not wait to post about it! I kind of “bumped” into this website … Continue reading

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Elite Serum Giveaway!

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Have you heard of the awesome new product called elite serum? If not, you are not only hearing about it now, but also getting a chance to win a free tube! Yes you heard right, win a free tube!  It … Continue reading

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Weight loss time line

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I gained 15 pounds from 2003-2005 because my husband and I commuted to date… I was already 10 pounds over weight so this made me 25 pounds over weight. Then I got pregnant in 2005 and gained another 25 pounds … Continue reading

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