Companies need to learn how to make packaging smarter!

Have you ever tried 100 calorie bread? I LOVE it and it is great for a morning egg sandwich. Something I can get my husband to eat so I buy them. I have found that my local Kroger store sells there brand of the bread and instead of paying anywhere form $3.29-$3.89 for 8 sandwich buns I pay $1.99.

They used to come twist tied so the opening and closing was really easy. Now someone got a great (definitely sarcastic) idea and changed the darn package. The opening is now on the front of the package and you have to pull it back. And then when you pull the tab back it only opens in the middle and does not allow you to Continue reading

Sneaking more fiber into my sons diet.

My son has had an eating problem since day one of his life. He will go days without eating.  I know that kids eat when they are hungry but he goes beyond what I think is healthy for him. In fact he goes so long that when he tries to go to the bathroom it takes him days and ends up with a red behind and it hurts.

I have tried everything to get that boy to eat and I have now found this fiber powder that is tasteless and the last few days I have been sneaking it in drinks and food that he will eat. Continue reading

Does anyone really get paid to take sruveys?

About a year ago I heard all the hype about getting paid to take online surveys and I thought this would be a nice thing to add to my daily tasks and see if it would benefit me at all money wise. Not that I was thinking I could make a living off of it but $20-$50 a month would have been nice.

I signed up for a handful of survey sites and year later…zero!

OK no big deal, I just won’t even try them anymore but there are a couple things that I think are just wrong and ridiculous. Continue reading

Cheap eye glass stores…don’t make an appoitment until you read this!

So no matter how much money I have to spend on my bi-yearly eye exam and purchase glasses, I absolutely think that the frames and lenses are severely over priced.

Three years ago my glasses broke at 4:30 pm and I had to work the next morning at 8:00am and there is no way for me to drive safe without glasses so I was under the gun to get a new pair. Of course my only option was to call in and miss getting paid or go to one of those cheap places that advertises cheap glasses in an hour. I opted for the cheap glasses. Continue reading

$50 of personalized Pexagon Technology products for $25!

Pexagon offers unique and exciting personalized products. The make great gifts for anyone, family, work buddies, you name it.

You can get custom USB flash drives, personalized pens, and smartphone cases, and more.

All, custom laser engraving is available on most products and absolutely FREE! You may also add personalized text, upload your own logos or choose from stock themes. You may create your own design. Continue reading

Is Bulk Food really worth it?

Buying in bulk seems to be a good way to save at the grocery…or is it?

I ask this because I have had about every bulk food store membership and have really found myself drowning in food bills and even worse, my food choices were way too limited.

There are lot’s of bulk food stores. Are they really worth it? what are you really getting? Continue reading

Are optometrist’s cancer doctors now? Mine is, just ask him!

First of all, I had one of the most ridiculous appointments and the eye doctor I have ever had yesterday. In fact that will be my next post tomorrow as I learned a few things and want to share…it was a joke.

Anyway, to top off my already horrible experience I had the most odd guy doing my eye exam and apparently he is a cancer doctor as well. Get this… Continue reading

WordPress help…love help!

I merged myself from blogger to wordpress in 2011 and spent many hours and days on Google and YouTube trying to find out everything I needed to know from hosting services, paid or non-paid themes, plugins that work…and the list goes on. In fact the list still goes on.

If you are looking for wordpress help from some experts you may want to check out the image above and see if they can help you. I am so happy I moved from blogger to wordpress, but it has been a lot of work to do all this research myself. I have another webpage/blog in the mix and am thinking I will use this service next time for all my help.

Have a great day!

Is this really negative energy…Not sure it is?!

So I have learned that being mad and pissed off all the time really only brings in negative energy and makes for a miserable person as this has been proven to me time and time again when I get this way,  but I wonder if it can also bring you positive energy.

The reason why I ask is because there have been times that I have gotten mad and spiteful but it made me want to prove the negativity wrong. Here is what I mean. Continue reading

Does posting blogs to social media really help increase traffic?

Image linked to picture source.

I have been wondering for a few years now if linking all my blog posts through my other social media accounts is really worth while and increases my page rank.

Sites I would post to, every time I wrote a new post were: bloggymoms, mombloggersclub, blogger?? I forget the name now, Facebook profile and page, The blog frog, Twitter, and Google Plus. I am not knocking any of the website in anyway as I have found friends from all of them. My experiment was solely to see if my page ranks would increase if I posted my blog posts to them. Continue reading