Finally shoulder and neck pain relief

I gained 14 pounds of my weight back because I had this massive pain in my neck and shoulder. It was so bad that I could not even do cardio workouts because it would give me shooting pains in my back and neck.

I even spent over $500 at the chiropractor, which gave me some relief, but it was not permanent. I was a mess. After almost losing 80 pounds, putting 14 of that back on, really added a big negative depression in my life. I needed to find relief and I could not find it at doctor.

I started researching Amazon and read around 500 reviews, over a months time. I was initially looking for stop snoring pillows for the hubby, which I am still looking for, but in buying a pillow for him, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. Continue reading

Next workout was Winsor Pilates

I have had the Winsor Pilates series, actually a few of them, for years. However, when I had my InterStim implant I quit doing them. The reason is for the same reason I posted about the P90X Ab Ripper. I had a harder floor and the Yoga mats are not thick enough to cushion the back hip, where my implant is. It just hurt too much so I shelved the Pilates for a lot of years.

However, this shag carpet in the basement does wonders for the hip issue and I was able to do the entire 20 minute workout and I am not sore at all on the implant…super cool! I don’t think that carpet is ideal for workouts and when I get to build my dream house, the workout room will be wood floor. So I have decided that I will just keep a nice peace of soft carpet to go underneath my mat.

But let’s digress back to today… Continue reading

Next workout Ab Ripper

P90X: Tony Horton's 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD ProgramI am not publishing these workouts every day so it may seem that I am missing a lot of days but really, the posts are just being delayed. The next workout in my stack of DVDs was P90X Ab Ripper. This workout is not very long but it is a good one! Goodness, I did about 2/3 of it. Before when I finished P90X I could “rip” right through it and do everything…mostly, but today, ugh…

My 25 reps of each, that is what Toni Horton says to do, were more like maybe 15-20. My thighs burned and my abs burned…I guess that is the pint eh?

Anyway, Continue reading

Parasite Solutions Giveaway!

a-z logoDid you know that most of us have parasites and don’t even know it…yuck! Makes me really sick to think about it. Rather scary eh?

There are some simple solutions to keeping yourself parasite free. A-Z Nutrients realizes this and has offered to giveaway a Parasite Solutions for FREE. Only stipulations is that you need to live in the US or Canada and must be 18-years or older to claim and receive prize.parastie

If you want Continue reading

Clipping MPerks Coupons Review

UntitledI have never been an extreme couponer as it is very likely that the majority of those coupons are not very healthy. However, I still look for the deals and cheaper items when I am at the store. There are some brands that I absolutely will not buy generic of, but for the most part I will buy the less expensive product.

I know the store cards are a joke as anyone can have one, but they are a great store “ploy” to make you think like you are saving some money. I guess some people don’t get the cards so they do pay more, but if there is a way to save a few $$$ I sign up for the card…why not?

So the local Meijer store has started their M-Perks program. This is how they do their store coupons. Meaning you have to go on-line and actually clip the coupons you want. This sounds like a good idea, at first, but here is why I have not been so successful with using the M-Perks program. Continue reading

Sometimes HOME is the only way, next workout!

Wow this week has been a whirl wind. Anyone hearing about this awful flu going around the Midwest, and probably around the entire US by now? Well both my kids and now the hubby has it. It has been bad. Somehow I have avoided it…yay! I really think a good part of it has to do with me working out again and back on my supplements. Multivitamins, etc supplements, not diet supplements.

Anyway…thank goodness for DVD workouts because if I had to depend solely on the gym I would be doing nothing! I really should not take my son out quite yet so glad I have this stack of over 40 workouts and today is Continue reading

WTFlushot! Take your shot and stick it!

UntitledSo how many of my reader’s have had the flu shot this season? They always say, every year…”the flu is going to be the worst ever, so make sure you and your family gets the flu shot.”

I have been an avid, no shot kind of girl for years. Every time I get the shot, the shot makes me sick for longer then the flu would. Last one about 5-years ago, I was down for 8-days.

Well this flu shot was not up to par for my kids… Continue reading

Next 3-days of 40 workouts

I want to share the next 3-days of 40-workouts with you.

First one was the 20-minute workout from Turbo Jam. Turbo Jam Beachbody 5 Rockin' WorkoutsAs always a favorite…LOVE Turbo Jam! Nothing I dislike about this workout. The only issue I have is my Continue reading