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FREE Blogger event, sign up now!

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This is a free event for bloggers to be involved in an awesome Louis Vuitton Giveaway! Just go here and sign up and be sure to tell them that TAWNA sent you (this is important)!

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KitchenAid Giveaway ends May 9, 2012

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WELCOME TO THE KITCHEN AID MANIA GIVEAWAY!We are giving away a white to one lucky reader! This is a perfect Mother’s Day gift to every one who loves baking or simply just being in the kitchen or wants to make … Continue reading

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Flowers for Leontien!!

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MS Word Clipart A surprise blog event called Flowers for Leontien, is being scheduled for this Saturday, April 28, 2012, at 8:00 am CST, in honor of fellow blogger, Leontien Vandelaar. Get Well Soon Leontien!! In honor of today I … Continue reading

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Do people really fall for e-mail scammers?

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I don’t typically respond to e-mail scammers but I did reply to one twice today. I thought you might enjoy a copied and pasted e-mail conversation. I have a hard time believing that people really believe these kinds of e-mails … Continue reading

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Keep ur 2-year-old busy for hours!

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My 2-year-old requires a lot of attention right now and it is hard to keep him busy for long. If the TV is on 24/7 that helps but I just am not going to give into 24/7 and phone and … Continue reading

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May Extreme Cash Giveaway sign ups now open!

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Bloggers, come see why the Extreme Cash Giveaway is one of the most popular monthly giveaways and watch your numbers go up! Cost is only $3 for first link and $2 for each additional link. Sign up for the Extreme … Continue reading

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Making everything a calorie burner

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Being a SAHM is a lot more work then I ever thought it would be. Before I had kids I did not realize how much Mom’s did during the day. I do find it a challenge to get my workout … Continue reading

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Best babysitter ever!

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The best babysitter for my very moody two-year old is not a human being. It is not the TV, nor any of his toys. The best babysitter ever is something I cannot go out and buy for a few bucks … Continue reading

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What I eat for lunch, every day.

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I have never been one for supplement shakes, protein bars, or any kind of nutritional meal replacement, but since about June of 2011 I have changed my tune a little bit. I don’t do a lot of meal replacements but … Continue reading

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Is there ever a “right” time?

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Putting my law of attraction faith to test again! What I mean is that I am not scared to “put it out there” and let the universe take it’s course. If you have been following my blog for long you … Continue reading

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