Today is the day…if u want it on this tax return!

So I have a lot of people say to me…”I want to do the Beachbody Preferred customer or coaching but I don’t have the $40 start-up fee.” I get it as I said that for awhile. However today is the last day to sign up for you to claim it on THIS year’s taxes and get it back by April or sooner if you do your taxes sooner. I do mine the first week of Feb every year and have them in my bank by mid Feb.

Why would you coach? Many reasons I will explain below. another question may be “am I fit enough to coach? Well…honestly the most successful coaches are NOT fit when they start…look at me! Continue reading

$115 VISA Gift Card Giveaway

How does a $115 VISA gift card sound to help start out your New Year?  A bunch of us blogger’s have teamed up to help you start our the New Year with this awesome prize.

To enter, simply follow each of our blogs via Google+ or Google Friend Connect (GFC) on the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway starts 12//28 at 12:00 am EST and ends 1/24 at 11:59 pm EST.Open to US and Canada.

Note regarding double entries: We know that many of our readers enter multiple giveaways a day and sometimes lose track of which ones they’ve entered. If you should happen to enter twice by accident or on separate blogs, this will NOT disqualify you. At the end of the giveaway all double entries are deleted so that each person has only one set of entries. This is to ensure that all entrants have a fair chance at being chosen as the winner.

Don’t forget that there are several daily entry opportunities as well, so bookmark this giveaway and come back every day to claim yours!
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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!!!

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas!

Did you know that the 12 Days of Christmas Carol has is roots in the 18th Century England, as a memory game sung by British children. In this game players had to remember all the previous verses and add a new verse at the end. Those unable to remember the verse correctly their penalty would be to give a kiss or a give piece of candy to the others.

In celebration of the HOLIDAYS and the SPIRIT of Christmas we would like to bring you a chance to win some amazing prizes!

There will be 11 Pipers Pipping as Winners and  One Drummer Drumming Grand Cash Winner!Grand Cash Sponsored by MyCouportiera.

11 Pipers will win a gift card of their choice: Choices Available! Target Walmart


Victoria Secret’s





Bath and Body Works

You only have to enter once on any of these BLOGS: A Little Inspiration, Saving and More, Saving with a Working Mom, Coupon Clipinista, Teach Me 2 Save Super Mom, Surviving Motherhood in Arizona, Freetail Theraphy, Love{&}Bugs, Jenny at Drapperhouse, Freebie Corner, I Am A Couponer, Simplistic Savings, Full Price? Never, Random Thoughts, Acadiana’s Thrifty, Excersice 2 Day, Wonderful Things in Life, Cents Less Deals, Debt Free Spending, Thrifty Jinxy, and Krazy Clippers
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It was not a Heart Attack…Thank Goodness!

This week I had some chest pains on Wednesday and they were bad enough that I admitted myself to the ER. I have NEVER had pains like that before even after, P90X, and Insanity, which I am doing right now. They were different and rather scary.

One test came back positive so they kept me all night and ran more tests. This scared me as I have heart disease ALL OVER both sides of my immediate family, from parents to grandparents so this left me very uneasy. Mind you I have lost about 70 pounds so I felt good about my personal risk factors as my body goes, but the genetics was scaring me. Continue reading

Holiday Sweep WIN $205 CASH!

Want to win some CASH for the Holiday’s? You came to the right place!

Thanks to the hosts of this giveaway Family approve and This Lil Piglet
  Family Approve and This Lil Piglet we have a lot of blogs that have come together to giveaway $205.

It is easy! Use the Rafflecopter form below and enter! This is opened Worldwide!

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Inexpensive craft time with my kids

I went to KMart the other day to look around and found these really fun Christmas ceramics you can paint.

They were on sale for really cheap, around $5 each, so I decided to get a couple for my kids.

I got each of them one and bought them home and they were soooooo excited! Continue reading

Christmas cookie tradition and bonding with my kids!

I grew up making Christmas cookies with my Mom and then taught my daughter how to make them and now it is my son’s turn to learn.

I love making these holiday cookies as it is a great way to bond with the kids, and they LOVE it!

I have to take advantage while they are young, as someday they may not want to make cookies with Mom so I have to cherish every holiday season they will do it.

How cute are they? Continue reading